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Converting to tagged PDF takes too long - Word 2002

Postby Chitra » Sat, 25 Oct 2003 05:18:53 GMT

I am using Word 2002 - when I convert my document to a tagged PDF using
Acrobat 5.0, it takes more than 40 minutes to convert. My document is about
120 pages long with 30 -40 graphics. I use .png format for the graphics -
even when I use .bmp or tif it is the same.. When I convert, I get the "Low
memory .. you cannot undo this once you .." error message several times at
the same time. I have more that 1 Gig memory and close all the applications.
Word also hangs and crashes sometimes when I create the tagged PDF.

Any idea why it takes so long and hangs so often?

thank you,


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