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Macro to paste chart as enhanced metafile

Postby SmF5bmU » Sat, 19 Dec 2009 03:31:03 GMT

I have a large number of excel charts to paste into Word as enhanced 
metafiles.  I need a macro to do this, but can't figure out how to write it.  
Any help would be appreciated! 

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I am looking for a similar solution posted by Donahue, 
8/20/04, 7:07 am.

I have pasted excel charts and enhanced metafile pictures 
in a word document, sent this to a colleague who has Word 
2001 for the Mac, and she is unable to view these files.  
She sees a big (red?) X.

Size/memory is not an issue here.

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that's just because Excel sheets don't have any fancy graphics, gradients, 
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Sub PasteMetafile()
' PasteMetafile Macro
   Application.Run MacroName:="Normal.Module2.EditPasteSpecial
End Sub

When I try to run it, it takes me to the "Paste Special" screen that pops 
up, but it doesn't select Picture (Enhanced Metafile) for me.  I found this 
code from someone else:

AppWord.Selection.PasteSpecial Placement:=wdInLine, 

...but it gives me Error 424 "Object required."

How can I make it specifically choose Picture (Enhanced Metafile)?

Just FYI, I have another macro set up already that tells Word whenever I use 
Paste Special to paste everything as inline rather than floating.

Thank you!

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Graphic (windows metafile)

We are using Office 2003. He told this option was avalaible in Office XP 2002.

Any idea, how to get this option in Word 2003?


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straight out of the VB help examples. It works if the selection is not inside a 
table but if the selection is inside a table it does not work. If I record the 
actions of paste special to a cell the code generated uses PasteAndFormat, but 
this does not allow me to specify "Picture (Windows Metafile)". What is the 

     Selection.Collapse Direction:=wdCollapseStart
     Selection.Range.PasteSpecial datatype:=wdPasteMetafilePicture

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