Modifying footer tabs creates unwanted line spacing changes



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Modifying footer tabs creates unwanted line spacing changes

Postby TmF0LW8tbGVl » Sun, 31 Jan 2010 03:36:08 GMT

Using Word 2007 with customized page layout and paragraph, number, and bullet 
styles set to single line spacing with 6 points after. On occasion, I need to 
add or move a tab position in a header and/or footer. After moving the tab, 
ALL of the text in the body of the document will revert to the Word 2007 
(default) expanded line spacing. This includes all heading styles, normal, 
body text, list number, list bullet, etc. This is especially an issue if I 
use the "Tabs" button from the "Paragraph" dialog box. Has anyone else 
experience this, and is there some way to prevent the line spacing from 
reverting to default settings?

Re: Modifying footer tabs creates unwanted line spacing changes

Postby Robert M. Franz [RMF] » Sat, 27 Feb 2010 23:18:39 GMT

Hi Nat

never heard of this before (FWIW, of course :-)).

Try recreating such a scenario. If it happens again, inspect the UNDO 
dropdown box. If what happens is the effect of any of Word's own "smart" 
options (AutoFormat as you type, or Automatic Update on a style), they 
should be visible in here in the last couple of steps.

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