Word XP has quit responding and won't open files



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Word XP has quit responding and won't open files

Postby RnJ1c3RyYXRlZERhdmU » Thu, 27 Apr 2006 06:35:02 GMT

I have been using All Office XP products for quite some time. Last night, 
when I tried to open files in any of the applications, I was unable to do so. 
I would double click on the file and nothing would happen. After a while I 
get the message "Word (or Excel, etc.) is not responding". Any suggestions?

Re: Word XP has quit responding and won't open files

Postby garfield-n-odie [MVP] » Thu, 27 Apr 2006 06:40:14 GMT

See  http://www.**--****.com/ "Problems in Windows 
Explorer or the Windows shell after you install security update 

If you aren't comfortable with editing the Windows registry 
yourself, then go to 
down to Item No. 383 "Hewlett-Packard's Share-to-Web software - 
Fix".  Download and run the script to automatically modify your 
registry as described in KB918165.  You may need to temporarily 
disable your antivirus program in order to run the script.

A revised version of the MS06-015 update was released today that 
supposedly interacts better with the older HP and nVidia 
software.  You can download the revised update from 

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