Customised toolbars in are not applied to my docume



  • 1. Page number on title page
    How do I remove the number 1 from my title page. I have a section break in and the 2 sections after it are fine. But I do not want a page number on the title page. Thanks for any help
  • 2. Tagging text in Word documents
    I am a writer of non-fiction books, and have a huge quantity of research notes (amounting to over 1m words) in Word format, all organised using outlining, many containing hyperlinks. In order to make sense of the information these notes contain, I want to do the following: - select a passage of text in a document - give that text a label or 'tag' describing what it contains. E.g., if it is about John Smith, tag it 'John Smith'. I could do something like this by assigning that text with a style called 'John Smith'. Alternatively, having Office 2003 Pro, I could use XML tags. - extract all the text with a given tag from any given set of documents, with the extracts hyperlinked to where they came from. So, in the example above, I would tell this tool to search through all the documents in my research folder for any text tagged 'John Smith', copy and paste-as-hyperlink the results in a new document, which will now show me all the information I have on John Smith. Does anyone know of a tool that would do this? Or the feasability (and cost) of getting one written using Word Visual Basic?
  • 3. bookmarks and hyperlinks
    Before upgrading to Office 2007, I had a VISIO 2003 flowchart which contained hyperlinks on every flowchart item. These hyperlinks point to Word 2003 documents, using the TOC links as a final destination (E.G. link/docname.doc#_Toc123456789). After upgrading to 2007, none of those jumps would work anymore. The document will open but the cursor would not go to the correct destination. I have tried to add bookmarks to the appropriate paragraphs, but it seems like Word 2007 is ignoring the bookmark information on Word 2003 documents. Any suggestions?
  • 4. AutoText AutoComplete
    The AutoText is not working. If I create a new autotext entry and name it "signature" when I type in "signature" it does not autocomplete. The only way I can insert the autotext is by typing signature and then hitting F3. It seems as if the autocomplete is not turning on. But the "autocomplete" check box is checked under the autotext menu. Can anyone help?
  • 5. Additional Page Prints
    I just had the Word 2007 installed on my computer. Now each time I print a document, a page prints at the end summarizing the doc. Filename: Keywords: Last Saved On: Number of words: ......... I do not want this. How do I turn it off?

RE: Customised toolbars in are not applied to my docume

Postby QnJvdHJp » Fri, 03 Aug 2007 00:48:05 GMT

That worked!!! Thank you so much!!

Re: Customised toolbars in are not applied to my docume

Postby Stefan Blom » Fri, 03 Aug 2007 17:32:06 GMT

You are welcome.

Stefan Blom
Microsoft Word MVP

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