Editing a Table Pasted from Excel into Word as a Picture (Enhanced Metafile)



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Editing a Table Pasted from Excel into Word as a Picture (Enhanced Metafile)

Postby Brooks » Thu, 15 Feb 2007 03:45:59 GMT


I am copying a section of an Excel Spreadsheet, and then pasting into
word using Paste Special -> Picture (Enhanced Metafile)

When I right click on the object in word, one of the menu choices is
"Edit Picture" This will allow me to change text in the picture, which
seems to be included through the use of text boxes.  I make a minor
change that is required, but then I cannot seem to revert the image or
picture back to its previous form, which seems to be as a normal
picture file that has been inserted.  The only way I can figure out
how to do this is by using the undo command, but I loose my text
chance.  If the picture stays in the new, editable format, whenever I
click into it, all of the text is becomes highlighted, which really
slows down my ability to continue work on the rest of the document.
The new format seems to be seen by word as a Drawing Canvas.

Does anyone know how I can make a text change, and then get Word to
see the image as an inserted picture file again as opposed to this
drawing canvas?


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