footnote reference style different in text to footnote pane versio



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footnote reference style different in text to footnote pane versio

Postby TGxveWQ » Wed, 19 Oct 2005 06:59:03 GMT

I've just noticed what something about footnote styles that I find confusing 
and am wondering if anyone has an explanation.  The "Footnote reference" 
style appears to be used for two situations.  (1) for the inserted numeric 
reference inside the body of the document, and (2) for the matching numeric 
reference inside the footnote pane.  

What's confusing to me is that the font size in both instances is different, 
yet they are both defined with the same style name.  Furthermore, if you 
modify the "Footnote reference" style definition by changing the font size to 
say 9pt, this then seems to change not only the font size of the reference 
number in the body of the document, it also changes the font size of the 
reference in the footnote pane.

I'm wondering a couple of things:
(i) why doesn't the footnote reference in the body of the document have its 
own style name and definition separate from that of the footnote reference in 
the footnote pane?
(ii) Assuming there's a good reason for using the same style name for both 
situations, how does one adjust the style definition of one situation without 
affecting the other?

Thanks for any help with this.


I regularly have to troubleshoot documents with over 350 footnotes.  I've 
noticed that footnote reference style different in text to footnote pane 

Re: footnote reference style different in text to footnote pane versio

Postby Daiya Mitchell » Wed, 19 Oct 2005 07:44:29 GMT

You are correct that the same style is used in both text and notes.  Why, I
haven't a clue--I think separate styles has been requested, but has not
happened thus far.

So, no, you can't change the style definition for one without affecting the
other.  I think the most efficient way to deal with this is, at the end of
editing the doc, to do a Find and Replace. Say you want the note numbers
unsuperscripted--you can put the cursor in the footnotes, use the More |
Special menus to enter footnote mark in the Find box, and leave Replace
empty but format the box as not-superscript.  Replace All will only do the
notes, if the cursor starts in the notes. That's just one example--there's
lots of ways to tweak that depending on needs.

You may also be interested in this link:
I want the numbers in my footnotes not to be superscripted, and I want the
numbers to be followed by a dot and a tab

The Footnote Reference style is a character style, and it is defined as
"default paragraph font plus superscript", so if the default paragraph font
is different in text and notes, then the footnote reference will look
different.  You may be interested in:
Default Paragraph Font Explained

And here's a general Footnote FAQ, might be useful:

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