Word 2003 automatically completed some words, how is it done in 20



    How do you make text within a text box hyphenate? I have checked "automatically hyphenate", but it will not in the text box or within a table, even though it does in the rest of the body.
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    Hi, How can I save a document as ZIP, in Word "Save As" dialog box? Thanks
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    heh..is this possible, to rename a specific word, name, email-address in a whole bunch of documents in one go?
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    Hi- I used the auto correct utility to save a personal auto correct file to another PC. Now I would like to go back to the standard auto correct file that Microsoft provides. I tried to do this by making a backup of the standard auto correct file and then restoring using this file but it does not overwrite the personal auto correct file I now have there. Any suggestions?? Thanks! Sharon
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    Hi, Suppose that the following single page appears many times (about 1000 times) in a Word document except that the record no. and company name vary: ........................ Record no.: 13 Company name : ABC ........................ ........................ No other pages of different format from the above are in the document. The record no. increases sequentially with the page number but there is no clear relationship between the record no. and company name. Now, I want that all companies of the same company name are grouped together so that, perhaps, pages of company ABC are put in the first tens (or hundreds) of pages and pages of company BCD are put after the pages of company ABC and so on. Is there a simple way to do the above? Thank you in advance. Mic

Word 2003 automatically completed some words, how is it done in 20

Postby U2NvdHQgUw » Wed, 08 Aug 2007 08:58:03 GMT

Word 2003 completed my name, etc. How do you do it in Word 2007

Re: Word 2003 automatically completed some words, how is it done in 20

Postby Herb Tyson [MVP] » Wed, 08 Aug 2007 09:05:32 GMT

AutoComplete of AutoText entries is gone from Word 2007 (except for dates). 
You can force completion by typing part of the AutoText name and pressing 
F3. Or, you can use an AutoCorrect entry, which automatically changes. The 
dropdown choices from Word 2003 and earlier, however, are gone.

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