how do you make journal entries into a journal template



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how do you make journal entries into a journal template

Postby a2ltYmVyaw » Sun, 12 Jul 2009 00:00:09 GMT

I am using a flower template that I downloaded from Word to make journal 
The template has lines on it, but when you type your entries into the 
template, the words do not wrap to the lines. The lines just expand to fit 
the paragraph., which is ok, but then the lines move down into the flower 
border. How do you make your entries so that the words wrap onto the lines of 
the template and the lines stay within the flower border? 

Re: how do you make journal entries into a journal template

Postby Suzanne S. Barnhill » Sun, 12 Jul 2009 03:30:56 GMT

It sounds as if this template was designed to be printed out and written on 
by hand. I don't think you're going to find any way to make it very 
satisfactory unless perhaps you convert the lines into a background image 
anchored to the header and then use the appropriate paragraph spacing to 
make your text appear to sit on the lines. But when you're typing, you don't 
really need the lines, do you?

Suzanne S. Barnhill
Microsoft MVP (Word)
Words into Type
Fairhope, Alabama USA

RE: how do you make journal entries into a journal template

Postby a2ltYmVyaw » Sun, 12 Jul 2009 05:03:37 GMT

thank you for the reply. I did figure out how to type on the lines, but it's 
a hassle. you have to stop before the end of the line and click down on each 

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