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  • 1. Date file modified to show in header or footer?
    I would like to be able to show the date a file has last been modified in the header or footer in both word and excel. Is there a way to do this (apart from manually updating the header or footer on each modification)? Any help appreciated. Doug R J Cornish & Co Pty Ltd This outgoing email has been scanned by Norton Anti Virus prior to sending.
  • 2. relative links, pt II
    As an aside, I'm still trying to understand the purpose of this newsgroup. 510 pages of information, and no search function? If my question was dealt with before, I'd have no way of knowing it. Is the purpose of thiis NG to answer the same questions over and over...? :-) I do see that many questions get answered; a round of applause for the folks who are so helpful! I've now discovered two glitches in the graphics link capabilities of Word. The first, well, you'll have to go searching for it.... The second is that, upon opening an HTM document in Word, and then saving it as a DOC, Word converts all graphics to absolute links. Which is absolutely crazy. I see no way to control this activity, or to reverse it. Upon converting the doc back to htm, the page no longer works on the internet - only on my computer! TIA... Doug
  • 3. Change page Order
    I have a two-page document that needs to have the page order changed. Is there anyway this can be accomplished, without cut and pasting and making a new file? It seems Microsoft doesnt think people sometimes need to change the page order. I looked in all the help areas and there is nothing. Thank you, Robert
  • 4. Deleting long horizontal lines that Word creates from afew dashes or dots
    Ah, one of the more obnoxious aspects of Word 2002, and one of the many "features" totally not covered in Help. (when is Microsoft going to offer us comprehensive Help files for this version of Word?) I type in a few dashes or dots or whatever to create a horizontal line. Word makes it into a horizontal line that fills the width of my document. OK, fine, UNTIL I WANT TO DELETE THE #@^#$^yt line. None of the normal ways of deleting or cutting work!! How do I get rid of this line I don't want, and how do I make Word stop automatically "improving" on the lines I create? I want a horizontal line that is only the length of the dashes I type in, that I can delete as easily as any other text. Thank you.
  • 5. File-Open in Windows 2002 in Terminal Server environment
    Hello. I have a strange problem. We have a Windows 2000 Terminal Server Environment where we are running the Office Application through it. We currently have two application servers, where application1 is working fine. Application2 is also working fine, except with Word 2002! I start a Terminal Server session and open Word. Inside of Word, I do a File - Open to open a existing word document. This makes Word freeze, having the blue top status bar blinking. I do a Ctrl-Alt-End to do a logoff and get the message: You cannot quit Microsoft Word because a dialog is active. Switch to Microsoft Word first and close the dialog. I press ok to this message, and the File - Open menu window pops up. It seems to me that it is somehow hidden somewhere. I have tried to delete my Normal.dot file if that might be the cause, but it didn't help. Anyone have an idea on how to solve this? The File-Open dialog works fine in Excel, Outlook and PowerPoint. Regards, Morten Pedersen

Re: EBook Word Templates

Postby Robert M. Franz (RMF) » Mon, 08 Jan 2007 02:47:42 GMT

Hi Lou

EBook means a special PDF format? I'm not aware of any difference 
regarding the template on the Word side of things ...

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