• 1. All the words in documents file become garbage
    I can't read my word documents in my pc or other pc, all the words change to unicode (garbage), I had try to reinstalled the office 2000 but the problem still persistend. Anyone can help? thank you!
  • 2. Problem printing in Word
    When in Microsoft Word 2003 and I go to print a document I consistently get a message that says word can not find printer but maybe be able to continue do you want to continue on waking for printer and I click yes and my printer shows up as one of the printer options but when I go to print word cannot find the printer. All other programs print fine while I'm on the Internet while on in PDF or Microsoft paint all print okay
  • 3. A saved word 97 in word 2000 the print preview looks OK, but when.
  • 4. Word 2000 cannot save as .doc
    All my documents default to .txt. If I go in 'save as' and select .doc, I get the "Word has generated errors and needs to close" message. I have removed & reinstalled. I have addressed normal.dot. All other programs in Office 2000 work ok.


Postby S0FUSFk » Wed, 03 Dec 2003 19:41:03 GMT

I recently had to reinstall microsoft word ---now it keeps asking for the 25 character cd key ------i've had the computer so long i cant find it ---what can i do ----word 2000----please help me-----

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I purchased Office 2000 Standard from the retail market.  I had to restore my 
computer and tried to re-install my Office CD but couldn't because I no 
longer had my 25 character CD Key.  Is there any way to get this CD key or do 
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I purchased a used pre-loaded PC with Microsoft Works Suite but it won't 
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either. Would be grateful for any help from anyone. Strangely, all the 
other software works without a key code and only Word asks for it. 
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i recently had to reinstall word 2000 ----now its asking for the 25 character cd key ---i've had the computer so long i cant find it ----it was already installed when i bought my computer- ----what can i do ---plz help me ---thank you ---

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