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    I am using Adobe Acrobat Professional 8.0 with Word 2007 which i have installed on two PC's each having Microsoft Office 2007. Every time i try converting a word doc into PDF, i get an error message stating 'Missing PDF maker files. Do you want to install them in installer mode?'. I have clicked yes but it does not resolve the issue. I have also tried re-enabling Acrobat within the disabled items in Word options but th matter is still not resolved. Finally, i add that Adobe technical support for its part, has not been helpful at all, only referring me to its KB for which no clear answer can be found. Kindly provide some help please. Thank you.
  • 4. Hide an object
    I would like to draw a shape ie a circle and use it as a guide only, is it possible to format the circle to not print, as you can do with text Thanks
  • 5. not printing return address on envelope
    I was able to print my return address on my envelopes without any problem and then all of the sudden it quit printing. If I print preview the return address is there and I dont have the omit button checked.....I dont understand why it is now not printing nor can I find a solution to fix it, maybe someone has an easy solution for me to fix it. Thanks.

change black and white to color printing

Postby ZXN0aGVyOTQ2MTk » Fri, 06 Apr 2007 05:36:01 GMT

I just changed the inkjet cartridge (color) and now my printer will only 
print black and white....I must have reset something.

can someone help me?

Re: change black and white to color printing

Postby JoAnn Paules » Fri, 06 Apr 2007 09:25:21 GMT

Check all of your printer settings. It's not a Word issue.


JoAnn Paules
Microsoft MVP - Publisher

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