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convert auto numbered paragraph numbers to text

Postby VGhvcm50b24 » Fri, 20 Nov 2009 05:20:03 GMT

Now that I have finished a document that others will edit and who do NOT LIKE 
auto numbering, how do I convert the auto-numbers to text?  That is, 
auto-number 7 to just plan 7 text in word 2007?

Thank you

RE: convert auto numbered paragraph numbers to text

Postby RGVhbkg » Fri, 20 Nov 2009 18:05:01 GMT

To convert autonumbering (paragraph/outline numbering and LISTNUM fields) to 
plain text, do the following: Make sure the active document is the one you 
want to convert. Then press ALT+F11 to display the Visual Basic Editor. On 
the View menu, click Immediate Window. In the Immediate Window, type 
and press ENTER.
Note that if paragraph/outline numbering was applied with styles, it isn't 
completely gone (CTRL+Q will bring it back!) unless you also clear it from 
the style definitions.

The above was written for 2003, 2007 may differ slightly.

Hope this helps

RE: convert auto numbered paragraph numbers to text

Postby VGhvcm50b24 » Sun, 22 Nov 2009 02:22:01 GMT

What you suggest did not work.  But the following will work.

Alt-F11 won't work in word 2007.  You have to go into word options and 
activate the developer's tab from "popular" tab.  From there, you click the 
developers tab then select VBA.  Then you select the imediate window.  Then 
type the command you provided.  

Also, since autoformat remains on, it would be better at that point to turn 
off auto number formating in the document.

As you can see, it would be better if this whole thing was a click feature 
in word 2007.

Re: convert auto numbered paragraph numbers to text

Postby Stefan Blom » Sun, 22 Nov 2009 02:55:50 GMT

Actually, Alt+F11 should work just fine in Word 2007. In the Customize 
Keyboard dialog box, see which shortcut (if any) is assigned to the 
ViewVBCode command; if it's not Alt+F11, chances are a different command 
could be assigned instead.

Stefan Blom
Microsoft Word MVP

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