Pasting Excel Graphs (charts/enhanced metafile pictures) into Word



  • 1. Additional Testing
    I spent 2 hours on the phone with Adobe Acrobat support. They had me try every possible option under the sun and we were not able to resolve this issue. While on the phone, I realize that the PNG renders poor only if the graphic has transparency enabled. I asked the support technician to raise the ticket. He put me on hold and returned to say that it was raised, but they declared it a "bug" and suggested I upgrade to Acrobat 9. I did, but it has the same issue.
  • 2. How do you set the default formatting of inserted pictures?
    I'd like all my inserted pictuers to have a blue border. Can I make that a default?
  • 3. Excel Graph in Word printing larger than it looks in print preview
    I have reports which I produce in MS Word with embedded bar charts. When I am updating a report with new information, I change the data in the Excel worksheet that defines the chart, and then when I return to editing in Word, everything looks fine on the screen. However, when I print - whether to an Adobe PDF document or directly to a printer, the information in the charts is blown up to about 125% of original size. Since the chart box prints in the original size, the content does not all show. How do I fix this?
  • 4. Excel graph refreshes too much
    I have many excel graphs included in a word document. Some excel graphs include lots of data. Everytime I move my mouse or try to type when this type of graph is on the screen, the graph has to refresh again and again and it's really annoying. Can I turn off graphic refresh or can I increase memory availability to solve this problem? Any help is appreciated.
  • 5. Picture shearing in Word 2003
    I want to make a picture that I have inserted from a rectangle into a parallelogram bounding picture, but I can't find any useful button/options to do that. Is this even supported? If so, where would I find this functionality?

Pasting Excel Graphs (charts/enhanced metafile pictures) into Word

Postby Lorraine » Wed, 25 Aug 2004 06:38:01 GMT

I am looking for a similar solution posted by Donahue, 
8/20/04, 7:07 am.

I have pasted excel charts and enhanced metafile pictures 
in a word document, sent this to a colleague who has Word 
2001 for the Mac, and she is unable to view these files.  
She sees a big (red?) X.

Size/memory is not an issue here.

Any help here?

Pasting Excel Graphs (charts/enhanced metafile pictures) into Word

Postby Lorraine » Wed, 25 Aug 2004 06:49:29 GMT

I neglected to mention that I have Word 2003 (Windows 
XP).  THis is what I use to paste excel graphs into word 
documents, and these images are not viewable in Word 2001 
(for the Mac).



RE: Pasting Excel Graphs (charts/enhanced metafile pictures) into Word

Postby QW5uaWU » Tue, 09 Nov 2004 09:25:03 GMT

You might like to look at  http://www.**--****.com/ 

I have the same problem. At home I have a Mac running Office v.X and at work 
I am using Word 2000. The problem works both ways. I "paste special" my Excel 
graphs at home as "picture" and the document has the red X problem on my PC 
at work and vice versa. The odd thing is that not all of the graphs 
disappear. Some remain intact. 

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move the graph around and resize it, but it will not show 
up on screen.  Nor does it show up in print preview.  BUT 
it comes out just fine when I print a hard copy.

This issue is unique to our report template, as I can 
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But it is also unique to Excel, as I can successfully 
paste graphs made in Power Point into our report template.

I've tried re-creating the template in 2003 but that did 
not help.  I've also tried every combination of Office 
2000 and 2003 pastes (i.e. graphs made in Excel 2003 into 
the 2000 template, graphs made in Excel 2000 into the 2003 
template, etc).  Nothing seems to work.

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how to get aorund it?

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