Draw Button Not Working On The Drawing Toolbar



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Draw Button Not Working On The Drawing Toolbar

Postby QmlvbWVk » Wed, 13 May 2009 19:07:05 GMT

I creating my own business cards and I placed some vertical lines on each 

After moving all text and graphics around on each business card, when I try 
to resize the vertical lines they snap to some grid point. Searching the 
internet and this forum, I found I need to click on the draw button on the 
drawing toolbar to turn off the snap to function. When I click on the draw 
button on the drawing toolbar nothing happens, so I can get to the menu I 
need, to be able to turn off the snap to function.

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Version: 2008
Operating System: Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard)
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The things I miss the most in 2008 when working with simple drawings is the ability to simply use the Drawing Toolbar to do things like "align center," "horizontally distribute," or "send to back."

I complete understand that I could add each of these things to the Drawing Toolbar through the customization process. But I don't want to clutter that toolbar with all six different "align" tools, all six "arrange," all three "group," and both "distribute" commands. In 2003 what we USED TO be able to do is add the "align" menu button, and when we clicked that one we would get the six "align" choices. But from what I can tell the "align" button is not in the "Commands" list in the "Customize Toolbars and Menus" window, so there is now way to add the "align" button. I SUPPOSE those buttons may be hiding somewhere in the "Commands" list, but I can't find them - just the individual commands themselves.

Does anyone have know how to add the align button (and the others) to the Drawing Toolbar? Yes, all four of those buttons are in the Formatting Palette, but frankly that window is so big and clunky (and it's constantly shifting to various sizes and tabs) that I can't stand to use it; it may be the most annoying window ever created by humankind, but I digress. I was hoping when I chose to "Customize Toolbars and Menus" I would be able to drag those Formatting Palette buttons to the Drawing Toolbar, but unfortunately the Formatting Palette disappears during the customization process.

Thanks for any help....

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2003. There are two buttons that do the same thing: when Iclick on them, I 
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controls that is protected and section break before the body of the document 
where people type the body of the letter or memo or whatever.) 

It doesn't seem to make sense that this would cause issues with drawings but 
when the user inserts a picture from file, some options are greyed out.

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