text box I can't see on screen shows up when I print



  • 1. Graphic- no show in doc
    I imported a Smart Draw graphics file into my word document and instead of showing the graphic image, it shows {EMBED SmartDraw 2}. On another machine, it shows the graphic. Where do I set the prefs to show that graphic?
  • 2. Clipart not working try...
    if this happen to me i would first uninstall and then reinstall the clipart, which may help. butit may be memory or other problem
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    Here Goes.....I have added a graphical page border. I have reduced the bottom border margin distance to 0 point, I have reduced the bottom page margin to 1.6 (the minimum for the printer), I have tried both measure from text and from page options and the border STILL is not visible in print preview (it is visible in print layout - but is too low to print). Can anyone advise of any other method for making the bottom border print higher on the page?
  • 4. Clip Art - Office 2003
    I installed Office 2003 to include clipart. However, everytime I need to insert a clip art, the following message appears: microsoft clip organizer unspecified error code 0x80004005. I ran the repair and confirmed the installation of the clip art to local computer - no help. Any one know how th fix this...? Sam
  • 5. White space in place of hidden text
    I'm writing a document that I'd like to use 3 ways: 1. I want to print it out as my lecture notes. 2. I want to print out a modified version to hand out to students. 3. I want to project it on a screen in the classroom. My lecture notes should contain everything in the document. The modified version should leave out parts that I choose to leave out (expecially ink drawings, Visio drawings, equations) and leave blank spaces (in place of the things left out) where students can make notes. The projected version should give me the option of displaying the left-out parts or not. I tried formatting the parts to be left out as hidden text, which kinda works--I can print hidden text or not, turn the hidden stuff on and off when projected with <ctrl *> (although having all the formatting characters is ugly). But if I say not to print hidden text, it removes the white space when it prints, not leaving room for notes. I tried telling it not to print drawings. Strangely, it will leave white space in place of ink drawings, which is what I want, but it prints the Visio drawings. Can anybody think of a reasonable way to do what I need to do? TIA, Elbert

text box I can't see on screen shows up when I print

Postby kim » Sat, 09 Aug 2003 10:58:53 GMT

I have a small text box with a number in it that is 
floating around on a 2-column page of text.  It's 
invisible on screen, I can't click on it though I'm 
clicking exactly where it prints -- it only shows up when 
I print. Must be an issue with layers -- how do I make it 
visible on screen so I can delete?  Thanks in advance.

Read enough in this newsgroup just now to learn I want to 
use frames, make graphics in-line from now on!

Re: text box I can't see on screen shows up when I print

Postby Suzanne S. Barnhill » Sat, 09 Aug 2003 11:15:22 GMT

Try using View | Header and Footer. Most likely it's a page number frame
that's strayed. See  http://www.**--****.com/ ~sbarnhill/WanderingFrame.htm

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