Objects/Pictures don't appear in Word



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Objects/Pictures don't appear in Word

Postby Calvin H. Johnson » Wed, 16 Jul 2003 09:43:05 GMT

When I insert a picture or an object in a Word 2002 
document, all that appears is a box, or, when clicked, 
handles of the object. The picture/clipart itself does 
not appear in regular, print or web mode. However, when I 
do a print preview, I can see the picture or object. 
Unfortunately, I cannot edit the picture or object in the 
document, so I can't move it or anything. I have the 
latest patch to Word 2002 and Windows XP Professional. 
Would appreciate any insight here. Thanks.

Re: Objects/Pictures don't appear in Word

Postby Suzanne S. Barnhill » Wed, 16 Jul 2003 11:41:31 GMT

Tools | Options | View: Clear the check box for "Picture placeholders."

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