Word, pictures in the document take long time to appear on screen



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    OK now, I've used Word for a long time. I'm using 2003. I've posted this problem before and had some very good results, but the problem keeps coming back. At first I was trying to place clipart into labels (via autotext). One time it would actually show the clipart in the Envelope and Labels Dialog Box, then the next time it would not. Same goes for viewing the clipart in the document, sometimes it appears, other times not. I am not seeing the X icon, just a blank screen. I can aways see the clipart in Print Preview. Now I've been through the following: 1. Tools, Options, View; remove check mark from picture placeholders, check drawings, Print Tab; check drawings 2. Cache Full; Internet Explorer, Tools, Internet Options, Delete Files 3. Start, Control Panel, Display, Advanced, Reduce Setting I brought up a document (flyer) this morning and it does not show the pictures I saw yesterday. I went into double-check the check marks on step 1 above - the check mark next to drawings was removed (I did not do this). I feel like there are things happening in the background - or this new version of Word has glitches? This problem has just come up in the last 3 months. I'm using the same software and computer. The first time I asked, deleting the files under Internet Options worked for awhile, now that's not helping. Well I'll keep checking, maybe someone will have a solution. Thanks

Word, pictures in the document take long time to appear on screen

Postby bWFyaw » Sat, 21 Oct 2006 08:29:02 GMT

In Word 2003, pictures in the document take long time to appear on screen.

PC running XP.
Has 1G RAM.
Doc. is 5MB in size & 171 pages long.

Screen is blank for more than 10 seconds before the picture in the document 
appears on the screen.
How can i fix this, please?

Re: Word, pictures in the document take long time to appear on screen

Postby CyberTaz » Sat, 21 Oct 2006 23:10:03 GMT

Check your Display Control Panel:

Start Button>Settings>Control Panel>Appearance & Themes>Display

Go to the Settings page, click the Advanced button, then the Troubleshoot 
tab. Back the Harware Accelleration slider down several notches & apply the 
change. If that makes a difference contact the web site for the video card 
mfr to see if there is an updated driver available.
HTH |:>)
Bob Jones
[MVP] Office:Mac

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