Accessing clip art files?



  • 1. Picture Editing
    Hi, Is there a way to make the following process faster and easier. With a picture in WORD, I select the picture, right click, format pic. layout, advanced, text wraping, through, OK. This is so I can resize the pic and move it. Can I make this easier?
  • 2. Huge file growth with clipart
    I am working on a letterhead template and I discovered that when I save it the file is almost 40MB. The prior version was 215KB. That version has a large watermark using the same artwork. What I changed was the artwork went into the header along with the name. There is a text box along the left margin that contains about 14 names and six titles. The footer contains the address, two telephone numbers, and a email address. The artwork is 168KB. So, what's happening? And how can I fix it? Thanks, John Bendel
  • 3. graphic print
    graphic looks fine on page and preview but prints upside-down, even when grouped with a text box. It is a bitmap? graphic for a logo.
  • 4. Changing size of pictures
    When I insert a picture to word, I am unable to change the size. When I click on the corner the picture automatically blows up to around 400 per cent. Cannot change the size for move the picture using the mouse. Powerpoint works fine, it is only word. Tried several reloads. Thanks Ric
  • 5. Problems Inserting Clip Art
    When a user attmepts to insert clip art from the insert tab or the shortcut through the drawing toolbar the menu opens with an "ok" box saying that "Clip Gallery is now Configured to run on your Computer" when you click ok the entire clip art menu disappears. You can insert autoshapes, pictures, etc. but not clip art.

Accessing clip art files?

Postby Terry Pinnell » Fri, 11 Feb 2005 05:16:43 GMT

Is it possible to open these MMC files with any program other than
Word or Clip Gallery please? I'd like to get a searchable text version
of the lists, so that I could search outside Word.

CORPBAS.MMC     C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Clipart\corpbas
CORPMM.MMC      C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Clipart\corpmm
HOMEANIM.MMC    C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Clipart\homeanim
PHOTOHM.MMC     C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Clipart\photohm
PUB60COR.MMC    C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Clipart\Pub60Cor
SMBUSBAS.MMC    C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Clipart\smbusbas
WEBART.MMC      C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Clipart\WebArt

Terry, West Sussex, UK

Re: Accessing clip art files?

Postby Mary Sauer » Fri, 11 Feb 2005 20:46:28 GMT

You can use the Clip Gallery as a standalone. Drag the CAG icon to the desktop and 
create a shortcut. You can't insert from it, but you can drag and drop. Otherwise 
there is no way to list the MMC files the way you requested. The CAG.EXE is in a 
folder similar to this:
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Artgalry

Mary Sauer MS MVP

Re: Accessing clip art files?

Postby Terry Pinnell » Fri, 11 Feb 2005 21:43:31 GMT

Thanks, Mary.

Terry, West Sussex, UK

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