importing clip art to pagemaker 5.0



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    I have a question concering methods for inserting a picture. Here are the details: I have 6 jpg graphics that are about 30kb each. When using the commands Insert-Object-Create from File, the Word file is almost 7MB. I checked the file size when checkin the properties. When using the traditional commands Insert-Picture-From File, the Word doc is about 300kb which is what I would have expected. What is the OLE method doing different? It seems to almost decompress the graphic file which requires a tremendous amount more. The pics even come is much larger in appearance when using this method as well. Just curious about the behind-the-scene differences between the two. Thanks
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    I have the opposite problem. If the graphic file name changes, the "updated" graphic in the Word doc doesn't change, even if manually updated or updated in the Edit, Links window. The field no longer indicates that the link is invalid. In previous versions of Word, the link would change to "Filename not found." or be a blank box. I am using Word XP with the latest Service Pack 3 installed. The field code contents are as follows: {INCLUDEPICTURE "Graphics/filename.jpg" \* MERGEFORMAT } If I delete and reinsert the file, it displays properly. But if I wanted to do that, I wouldn't use the INCLUDEPICTURE field. Attempted fixes include: I've restarted my machine (several times, including a full shut down); I've created a new file and copied old file, sans last paragraph; I've locked and unlocked the fields. Any suggestions? Alisa >-----Original Message----- >> If you link and the source becomes unavailable, Word blanks >> the pictures to let you know your data is out of date. > >I understand that when the location changes, but in this case the location >was not changed: All graphics are in a folder called Graphics, and the folder >is in the same folder as the document. > >Later, when I went to do the Edit > Link > Change Source, the "new" source >was the same as the old, and I could see the file list (which shows the path) >did not change. > >. >

importing clip art to pagemaker 5.0

Postby Q3JTdG9yeUhT » Sat, 22 Jan 2005 01:41:06 GMT

I have Windows XP--need to insert clip art from Office Online into document 
in Pagemaker 5.0.  How do I do this?  Thanks

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