Word 03 graphics don't appear on screen after Acrobat 6.0 inst



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    For some reason - using my new XP, I cannot open either the 'Word Art Gallery' icon - 'Word Shapes' icon. Icons remain ghosted and unusable.
  • 2. Only part of my graphics prints?
    I'm trying to print a document which contains text in text boxes either side of a main graphic in the centre as well as a header and footer. Only part of the graphic prints nothing else. I view the print preview before printing and that's fine. I'm printing A3 size. Can anyone tell me what I am doing wrong ?
  • 3. How to print a jpg in a word doc ?
    Only the text is printed normal, but my jpg is printed as a dark box. This did not happen before..
  • 4. Why can't I see embedded pictures in Word 2003?
    Since I installed Word 2003 I am no longer able to see embedded pictures or images unless I go to print preview. All I see is a blank square plus the grab handles. Is there some setting that I need to adjust to see embedded images and pictures while I am in Normal view?

Re: Word 03 graphics don't appear on screen after Acrobat 6.0 inst

Postby SnVzdCBKYWNr » Fri, 17 Dec 2004 21:17:02 GMT

Thanks for the suggestion.   I have already done the "Help" suggestions for 
"I Know I inserted a graphic, but I don't see it on the page". 

I also find that if I reduce the acceleration on the graphics card, the 
problem goes away.  But this is not a good workaround, as it will affect the 
performance of the system.

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