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  • 2. is it possible to insert clip art into an Avery bus card template?
    I am creating a business card using Avery 8869 format in MS Word 2007. I cannot figure out how to insert clip art into the card when the create label window is open.
  • 3. Adding Grid lines to document?
    Hi: On many occassions I have wanted to include grid lines in a document but haven't been able to find a way to do this and have them printed. In the past, I have used tables of various sizes to reproduce a grid. Is there a way that this can be done using Word without having to manually draw lines or use tables? Thx.
  • 4. Name tags with pictures
    I need to make 100 different name tags with 2 pictures (now & then) for each attendee at our 59th class reunion. Can this be done in Word or Office?
  • 5. Copying a picture after rotating it???
    I know it sounds really simple but I can't seem to do it using word 2003 - I scanned a picture (which had a border around it with square boxes) - After I rotating it, the square dots around the edge of the picture turned to circles. - Now I can't copy the picture and re-paste it into word or any other program. Can somebody please tell me what I'm doing wrong. Thanks

Re: Edit HPGL picture

Postby Mary Sauer » Thu, 26 Aug 2004 19:27:05 GMT

If it is a vector, open the drawing toolbar, click Draw, click ungroup, select each 
line, click line style.

Mary Sauer MS MVP

Edit HPGL picture

Postby Andre » Fri, 27 Aug 2004 02:10:07 GMT

Is there a file that I could use to edit the lines 
thickness of an HPGL picture inserted into Word XP. 

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1.Inserting a HPGL Picture in Word 2007

I am having a problem importing an HPGL graphics file into Word 2007.

On previous versions of Office the filters/converters used for importing 
were located in path: C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Grphflt 
and I used a third party .flt utility (Hpglim32.flt version to 
enable these files to be viewed and inserted in a Word document. This was 
obtained via the Microsoft Knowledge Base and worked fine - no problems.

Word 2007 is ignoring this converter and so insertion is not possible. JPG's 
and other common types are OK. The hpgl.reg file has been run OK, to put it 
in the registry.
Word knows that .hgl extension is a picture type because it is included in 
the "files of type" list when using the Insert - Picture tab. There is no 
Preview available and an error message comes up when a file is selected and 

Does anyone know whether 2007 uses graphics filters in the same way and 
where they are kept?
Or is there an equivalent one for Office 2007 lurking somewhere?

I have read Bob Buckland's knowledgable treatise on the Office 2007 graphics 
engine in an earlier post in May 2008, so there is obviously a difference.
Searching through the Microsoft websites has not produced any answer on how 
to do it in 2007 - the answer for 97-2003 is still there as above.

I would be very grateful for any help on this - even as some guesses - as we 
use files in this format a lot here and are being "converted" to 2007. (-:


2.HPGL Picture

I have inserted a HPGL (.plt) picture into word (XP) by 
using the kbid=196506 filter that I have down loaded. The 
picture is inserted in the word document, now I need to 
format the line thickness and colours of the different 
By double clicking the picture the format picture filter 
opens, but I do not have any access to edit the lines and 
colours. Using format "border and shading - group and 
ungroup" function is not available.

I used to insert these pictures into Word 95 (.plt)
and then double click the picture and edit the line and 
colours of the different lines. Please help, I doing an 
eductional book and need to convert these pictires. Thanks

3.word2002 edit picture cannot open again for edit

Can anybody here help me? The word picture objects made 
before cannot open again for edit. They have become dead 
objects in the word document.

I used Word 2002. I created a word document which 
included a lot of block diagrams that I made using word 
picture to insert as inline to the paragraphs of the 
document. Then for some time later I came back to the 
document trying to edit these block diagrams, double 
click or edit picture couldn't open these picture objects 
for edit. Every object you click now became only for you 
to format. Edit picture click didn't response at all. Is 
this a bug or an option setting issue?

I don't have this problem for word 2000 and version 
before. Old word document created with old version seems 
not have such problems. Is there any effective fix for 
version 2002, or should I recall the old version?

Thanks in advance.

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Installed Office 2003. Tools> Options> Edit> Picture Editor, only shows 
"Microsoft Word" as a picture editor choice. This happed on TWO different 
"Edit Picture" is grayed when I right click on a picture.

HOW do I get ANY picture editor to work with Word 2003? Like maybe the 
include Microsoft Office Picture Manager??

Thanks in advance.

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In Word 2003 I want to be able to paste in a screen shot and then right click 
on the screen shot and choose Edit Picture. The option is in Grey so I cannot 
select this.

Does anyone have any suggestions as to why this Edit Picture option is 

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