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delete duplicate clip art images in Microsoft Clip Gallery

Postby Rmxvd2Vycw » Thu, 06 Jan 2005 05:05:07 GMT

I have downloaded many images (from the MS site) into Word 97's Clip Gallery. 
Unfortunately, I've discovered that a lot of the clips were actually 
duplicates of already-existing clips. As a result, the Clip Gallery takes 
about 90 seconds to load, and it's driving me bonkers!

How can I EFFICIENTLY remove the duplicate clips from the Gallery?


Re: delete duplicate clip art images in Microsoft Clip Gallery

Postby Mary Sauer » Thu, 06 Jan 2005 18:13:23 GMT

In the catalog, right-click any image, click "recover", this will compact the Gallery 
and it will open faster. Open the folder where the clipart is stored, any clip that 
has a bracketed number (2) will be a duplicate most times, you can delete them.

Mary Sauer MS MVP

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