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  • 1. Borders on inserted pictures
    Whenever I insert a picture into a Word 2007 document it automatically comes with a blue border. I do not want this border on my inserted item. Is there a way to stop this happening or even removing them once they are there? Thanks
  • 2. Flowcharting
    I have a flowchart laid out in WORD. I have zoomed in to greater than 100%. Everytime I select something to the right side of the page, beit an autoshape or connector, the page shifts to the left and I have to scroll back to the right to where I was at the beginning. Any ideas why this happens? Thanks, Les
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    jai un groupe mais ont est pas pres chanter est se que ont poura chanter est memorisser toute les chanson...jai peur ont vas tourner a la tele sa vas etres la promierre fois quo n passe ala tele ma question c est si ont vas arriver a tous retenir a tous bien chanter??
  • 4. WordArt has small specks
    When I use WordArt, I sometimes see small specks around the letters. These specks are visible on the monitor, so they must be created in Word 2007. I wouldn't mind it, but they also print out. I've tried changing fonts, sizes, etc., to no avail. Thanks in advance. -- David
  • 5. Word 2003 graphic shows border when opened in Word 2000
    Hello, Here's the problem. A document is created in Word 2003 and graphics are inserted, neither the graphics nor the drawing canvas have an applied border (no lines). When this document is opened by recipient who has Word 2000, some of the graphics have a right-side border appearing which then also translates to pdf when rendered. Any ideas as to what could be happening here? P.S. This is my first time posting so if I'm not following correct protocal, please let me know. Thanks Word Gurus!

autoshape defaults

Postby Sulu999 » Thu, 05 Feb 2004 07:31:10 GMT

I have inserted a triangle autoshape with text and it 
looks fine on screen and prints fine but when I save the 
document and reopen it they have changed to squares!  Any 

autoshape defaults

Postby loki » Fri, 06 Feb 2004 12:44:14 GMT

have you checked into the editing the picture? sometimes 
you may or may not have to lock the aspect ratio (check 
the box for this)

hope this helped.

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Version: 2008
Operating System: Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard)
Processor: Intel


Is this another bug in Word 2008?

- Create a text box, with a line border of 0.76.
- Right click on the text box, and select "Set AutoShape Defaults"

Now, try creating a new text box. Do you get a line border? [I don't]

I've tried editing the Normal.dotm file, fiddling with different settings, but I can't seem to figure out any way to set text boxes to have any line border by default.

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I am trying to resize my default autoshapes in Word so that they are not so 
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Is the option to set autoshape defaults to a drawing element like a line or a 
text box stored in MS Word 2003 for all new files or does it only apply to 
the active file? 

That is, i seem to lose the default confgiuration of my drawing elements. 
For example: I create a line, the line is invisible because my background is 
white and the line color is set to "no line". I change that setting to black. 
then I select the optioin to set autshape defaults. then I create a text box 
next to the line (which is pointing to something). Again, i have to modif the 
settings to what I want and set autoshape defaults.

So, finally I open or create a new document... I have to repeat all the 
changes again to the format of the autoshapes. 

Is this a bug or can I fix my formats so they are the real "defaults"? 
Besides, why would the default format for a line is "no line" ?


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I use text boxes and drawing shapes a lot in my job and up 
until now, no problem.  Now when I try to insert a text 
box it will go to only one size (about 4" x 6")instead of 
being able to grab the handles and size to what I want. I 
have also found (out of curiosity anf frustration) that if 
I go to a previous document that I have created (before 
this problem) and it includes a text box or drawing shape 
and I click on it and try to change it will go to the size 
that it is going to currently (4" x 6"), am I right in 
presuming that the default has been changed or reset 
(presumably by me by accident).  How do I get back to me 
being in charge of sizing to what I want.  Please help.

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