Word 03 graphics don't appear on screen after Acrobat 6.0 installe



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    I am trying to insert a clip art border surrounding a short story which I typed using Word. However, when I attempt to do this, I get either the border or the story. The blank section in the center of the selected border can't be typed into. I've tried to cut and paste, no luck. What good is the border if you cant use it as such? I am using Microsoft Word 2000 and running Windows XP home edition. Help!
  • 2. cascading text in MS WORD 2003 (XP)
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  • 4. using ALT-arrows key to move graphics
    Using Word 2003 on Windows 2000. I'm new to Word 2003 and am wondering how to select graphics items and move them by small increments. I used to do this by selecting the graphic and then using ALT-arrows to reposition the graphic. With Word 2003, this doesn't seem to be working. Do I need to do something special to enable it? Thanks. Barbara
  • 5. Rotate or Eit a Clip Art Picture
    I have Word for Office XP and I would like to rotate a clip art image so it is vertical. When I select the image and arrow-over the rotate/flip option in the drawing toolbar, the rotate/flip option is unavailable and I cannot select it. I tried putting the image in a text box, but the same happens when I do that too. Then, I decided to try to edit the actual image. However, when I double-click on it, just the clip art gallery/organizer comes up - the image does not go into "edit" mode. Please help!

Word 03 graphics don't appear on screen after Acrobat 6.0 installe

Postby SnVzdCBKYWNr » Fri, 17 Dec 2004 12:03:04 GMT

Pictures and drawings that I have inserted in previously created or newly 
created Word 03 documents don't appear on the screen after Acrobat 6.0 was 
installed.  They appear as blank spaces unless I click on themand move them a 
little.  When I leave the page and come back, they are invisible again.  They 
print O.K., and view O.K. on other computers.  I have folowed the "Help" 
suggestions to make sure that I am in print view, etc.  The only way I can 
work around the problem is to remove or rename the pdfmaker.dot file in the 
Office11 --> Startup folder, similar to article 820757.  Anyone else having 
this problem, and come up with a better solution?

Re: Word 03 graphics don't appear on screen after Acrobat 6.0 installe

Postby Suzanne S. Barnhill » Fri, 17 Dec 2004 12:50:52 GMT

Make sure that the "Picture placeholders" option is not checked on the View
tab of Tools | Options.

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them a

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