Inserting picture creates too large file size



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Inserting picture creates too large file size

Postby a2FyZW4xMTA » Mon, 13 Oct 2008 07:22:00 GMT

Hi, using Word 2003 I'm inserting JPG files into my document, and finding 
that the file size is increasing tremendously. Is this normal?  

For example, I have a JPG that is 42 KB.  I insert this into a .doc file 
that is 556 KB.  Now the file is 1,892 KB.  I have a quite a few more JPG's 
to insert, and soon it will become very cumbersome. Any suggestions?


Re: Inserting picture creates too large file size

Postby RobertVA » Mon, 13 Oct 2008 09:07:12 GMT

That depends on what you plan to do with the document.

IF the image is already stored in a location the persons using the 
document will be able to access you might be able to "link" to the file 
instead of embedding it. Look for a "Link to File" check box on the 
"Insert Picture" dialog.


Embedded objects (can be pictures, spreadsheets or a number of other 
things) become part of your Word document. In some cases images might be 
converted to a storage HUNGRY bitmap format.

Linked objects remain separate files. IF you edit the linked object you 
will be opening the application associated with that file type. Even if 
you open the linked file directly from the desktop, "Start" menu or a 
Windows Explorer folder the changes you make in the linked file will 
appear in the Word document. WARNING persons needing the combined Word 
document and the linked image will NEED to have access to the linked 
object in the location where it was when you linked the image to the 
word document. I'm not sure if there's a procedure to have the link 
update  when you need to send both files through an email, FTP transfer 
or sneaker net.

Re: Inserting picture creates too large file size

Postby a2FyZW4xMTA » Mon, 13 Oct 2008 09:46:01 GMT

Hi Robert,

Thanks.. I need to email the document, so I don't think that linking will 
work.  I tried scanning the pic directly to Word instead of creating a JPG 
first, and then did Cut/Paste special, and found that GIF produced the 
smallest size.  A bit pixellated, but for this purpose it's okay.

So I suppose this will work, if there's no better solution.  But I was so 
surprised that inserting the small JPG into Word increased the file size by 
so much more than the size of the JPG itself.


Re: Inserting picture creates too large file size

Postby VmluYXkgQ2FyZG96YQ » Wed, 10 Dec 2008 21:31:01 GMT

Hi Karen,
 The easiest way to reduce the file size is to do the following

1. Open the gigantic document and do a Select All ( Ctrl + a)
2. Open a new document,  paste ( Ctrl + v) and save the new document.

The new document's size will be small enough. I have been doing this 
regularly and the formatting remains intact. Please check if it works for you.


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