Inserted Jpeg Picture object appears as Icon



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Inserted Jpeg Picture object appears as Icon

Postby Randy » Sat, 14 Feb 2004 08:05:54 GMT

Word 2003
Windows 2000
Canon C2100 Imageclass PS printer

We scan a document and save it as a Jpeg file.  
When we Inser>picture>From File and print to our PS 
printer, the image is printed in a mashed, but multi-
imaged manner.  That is the one picture is repeated about 
8 times on the page but it is squished vertically to 
accommodate the 8 copies.
We have tried inserting the image as an object Created 
from file, but the image appears as an Icon and not the 
actual image.  This step works fine in Word 2002 but not 

Any help or ideas would be great!



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