How do I edit the text in a pasted picture/convert it to text



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    My pictures are there and can be viewed in print preview, but they cannot be seen in the document.
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    I am trying to add a border above text to create a signature line. However, whenever I select just the top border, the only result I get is a box, i.e., top, bottom, and side borders. Isn't there an easier way to do this?
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  • 4. Pictures that are wider than the column?
    I am using WordML (XML rather than binary format) files that have 2 columns on a page in landscape orientation. Since you can't put a section break inside a user XML tag, I can't change the number of columns in the middle of this document. But sometimes I need a Picture or Drawing that is wider than the width of a column. Is there some way to mark a Picture to be "positioned" relative to the page rather than inline or relative to the column such that it will display across both columns? Is there some way to get wider Pictures to just run over into and overlap the next column? (Right now, the Picture gets clipped off at the column boundary.) Is there some way to make the clipped-off Picture such that you can double-click on it to pop-up the whole picture (without resorting to an external file)? Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated, Brian

How do I edit the text in a pasted picture/convert it to text

Postby c21lZXNoYXc » Fri, 05 Mar 2010 02:39:02 GMT

I want to change and edit an peice of work that I can only import as a 
picture, is it possible to convert picture into text on either word or 

Re: How do I edit the text in a pasted picture/convert it to text

Postby macropod » Fri, 05 Mar 2010 05:42:15 GMT

Hi smeeshaw,

You need an OCR package for that. In any event, extracting the text from a picture via OCR doesn't remove it from the picture or let 
you change what's already there - at most, you'll be able to overlay the old text with some new text.

[Microsoft MVP - Word]

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