How do I edit the text in a pasted picture/convert it to text



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How do I edit the text in a pasted picture/convert it to text

Postby c21lZXNoYXc » Fri, 05 Mar 2010 02:39:02 GMT

I want to change and edit an peice of work that I can only import as a 
picture, is it possible to convert picture into text on either word or 

Re: How do I edit the text in a pasted picture/convert it to text

Postby macropod » Fri, 05 Mar 2010 05:42:15 GMT

Hi smeeshaw,

You need an OCR package for that. In any event, extracting the text from a picture via OCR doesn't remove it from the picture or let 
you change what's already there - at most, you'll be able to overlay the old text with some new text.

[Microsoft MVP - Word]

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