determine label sheet used in mail merge



  • 1. MailMerge change of datasource
    Hi We have a number of Word letters that are the templates for Mail mereges using MS Access as the datasource. However, we have recently had our database tidied up, with object name being table consistent (tables all now start tbl etc). Of course this has upset our mail merges with the Word documents now un able to find the data sources. Is there an easier way to change the datasource, other than having to open up each document in turn and relink, does anyone know? Many thanks Alex
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    I have constructed a number of sentences in excel. Each sentence represents a field that I ref in my mail merge doc. Issue: Depending on the situation some sentences are needed and some are not, so putting a double space after each field in word, may result in 4 spaces after a sentance if one field/sentence is not needed. When I add spaces to the sentences in excel, word during the mail merge process removes/ignors the spaces. Any thoughts? Thanks in advance
  • 3. Problem importing recipients from nominated Excel worksheet
    I'm attempting to do a mail merge on a letter created in Word 2007. When I chose "Select Recipients", I then selected "Use existing list" then browsed to locate the correct Excel 2007 file. The correct worksheet was identified. No problem so far. However, when I selected the worksheet, the "Select table" screen shows an entirely different file name and location. If I arrow down, other file names and locations are listed, but not the one I selected. There is nothing in the table list. Any thoughts on a solution? -- ajb
  • 4. Mail Merge is attaching .thmx and .xml files
    I am trying to mail merge but on my test merge it always attaches a .thmx and .xml file to the email. I am using 2007 trial edition and have even cut and pasted the content from the word doc to another word doc but the attachments are still there. they are themedate.thmx and colorschememapping.xml Help?
  • 5. next record placement
    Merging 2 fields into form letter: Two copies of the letter side by side on 1 page --that's what the stationary requires. I inserted next record in first copy after the merged fields. Great--second copy has the second record. But when previewing the next page, the 2nd records fields now appear in the first copy; sure enough, the 3rd record is in the second copy. etc etc. Do I need an "if" command here? I've tried putting "next record" in 2nd copy of the letter to avail. -- Thanks

determine label sheet used in mail merge

Postby TWF0dGluUGh4 » Sun, 06 Nov 2005 03:15:03 GMT

I need to know how to determine what Avery label sheet I used in a mail merge 
in Word 2003 using an Excel spreadsheet for data. I am on XP. Anybody have a 

Re: determine label sheet used in mail merge

Postby Graham Mayor » Sun, 06 Nov 2005 15:16:33 GMT

This information isn't recorded, but it shouldn't matter - see 

<>>< ><<> ><<> <>>< ><<> <>>< <>><<>
Graham Mayor -  Word MVP

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Word MVP web site  http://www.**--****.com/ 
<>>< ><<> ><<> <>>< ><<> <>>< <>><<>

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