Mail merge images don't show up



  • 1. Opening merged document
    When opening a merged document with macros enabled, I do not get the merged data. I must first select merge to a new document before data is merged. However, for other users machine when they open the merged document it automactically mergers and contains the merged data, in this case, there is no need to select merged to a new document. We are using the same Word 2000 document so why is the macro being disabled for some and for other it is enabled automactically. Any feedback is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance, CVW
  • 2. merging with access database
    I have a form document in Word that I am tyrying to merge with an Access database. In Access, I have a state field with a ">" in the format properties box so that all the two-letter abbreviations are capitalized. When I merge the two together, the states come out lowercase though they appear uppercase in the table because of the properties setting. Why does this happen and how can I changee it without going back and retyping all of the states in uppercase Thanks WEND
  • 3. MergeField Limits in tables?
    I have a template with a table set up with two columns and multiple rows, and a merge field in each resulting cell. This all works OK when the merge field content is fairly short, (e.g.: "this is short") but not so good when fields get longer, (e.g.: "This is a lengthy description of something else.") The merge fails only when a couple of the merge fields have longer content AND a table is involved. With only one longer field the merge completes just fine and when no tables are involved it seems to be OK. With several long merge fields in a table I get an error message that says: "Data fields must be separated from each other by a character called a field delimiter. Similarly, data records must be separated by a record delimiter..." The data source is a text file that gets created on the fly using comma delimited text (e.g.: "field1","field2","field3") pulled from a third-party application. Any ideas on the cause and/or the solution to this? Thanks! - Bob
  • 4. Database field merge to a link table in Oracle
    When I do a mail merge in an Access table using DATABASE field, everything works fine. But when I try to merge to a link table in Oracle I got the following error: "Word was unable to open the data source" Can someone tell me if I can do this? I'm using WORD 97. Thanks, Bao

Mail merge images don't show up

Postby S2V2aW4yMzQ1 » Tue, 19 Jul 2005 21:21:01 GMT

When I mail merge in Word 2003, my images show up as a black box.  I have 
tried using jpg and tif images, but I can't seem to make the images come out 
properly in the merged document.

Re: Mail merge images don't show up

Postby Doug Robbins » Tue, 19 Jul 2005 22:24:39 GMT

Have you tried updating the fields in the document?

See the "Graphics from data base" item under the "Special merges" section of 
fellow MVP Cindy Meister's website at


Hope this helps.

Please reply to the newsgroup unless you wish to avail yourself of my 
services on a paid consulting basis.

Doug Robbins - Word MVP

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ability to edit the document. I know I could manually go through the
document and copy each image, then paste special, as "gif", and then
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Can I do this with VBA? 

Any help would be wonderful.


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