How do I get a TOC to include hidden text Word 2000 and Windows XP



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How do I get a TOC to include hidden text Word 2000 and Windows XP

Postby bmV3Ymll » Fri, 17 Nov 2006 05:48:02 GMT

I would like to have a TOC to include my hidden text for review purposes.  
Word 97 and 2000 using Windows 2000 all I had to do was check the hidden text 
box.  Have upgraded to Windows XP and now I can't get it to work the same.  
Can I use VBA to work around this?  I have created the TOC a macro via a 
button on a toolbar, Insert -Index and Tables both give the same result.

Re: How do I get a TOC to include hidden text Word 2000 and Windows XP

Postby Stefan Blom » Fri, 17 Nov 2006 18:12:04 GMT

Try this: Format the text as white, then set "Field shading" to
"Always" in Tools | Options, View tab. White text will show up against
the grey background of the TOC field (but it won't print, of course).

Stefan Blom
Microsoft Word MVP

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(I checked this on the XP machine in Notepad and it is OK.)

PROBLEM: 	The program works on the Windows 2000 machine, but does not 
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the Win 2000 machine which does find the test)is:

-----------  start actual code segment --------------------
	while (/HYPERLINK(\s+.{1,80}?\.doc)/gim)  #  the "g" causes multiple 

		  $fndxx = $1;

		  $fndxx =~ s/\"//;   # remove leading quote
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$fndxx)->mtime); }     #last update date of that file
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"\n")  ;
		  $matches += 1;  # count matches
	}	#end while HYPERLINK
-----------  end actual code segment --------------------

The output for a found HYPERLINK should look like this (it does on the 
Win 2000 machine):

mydoc.doc,(date of last update), in: otherdoc.doc

On Win XP, the program cannot even find the word HYPERLINK (if I modify 
the code to just search for that).  The directories are valid, I can 
have the program print a list of all files as it processes them.

If I try this with a test program (the string to test is in the program 
itself ) it works fine on the XP machine.

There are no encryption issues, nor any file or directory problems.

I would really appreciate any comments or suggestions about what I am 
doing wrong.


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4.Help: String search in Windows 2000 doesn't find text in Windows XP: MS Word document

Purl Gurl wrote:
> Purl Gurl wrote:

Isn't talking to yourself the first sign?

> I have looked over Word Perfect and MS Word but not RTF formats, on a
> 9.x machine, a 2K machine and an XP machine.

Somewhat irrelevant because the OP wrote " The files are MS Word 2000
documents e-mailed (manually) from the Win 2000 machine to the XP

<half-baked story about WordPerfect deleted>

> A hex editor will display plaintext format, if in a binary file. I use
> Hex Workshop v. 2.2x for this. Very old program but works with
> excellence. You could simply open your Word document with a
> hex editor, then search for http: from there.

Pay attention Kira, the OP already wrote "I looked at both the MS Word
and RTF files with the XVI32 Hex editor. They both showed the same hex
values for the string  HYPERLINK."

Its so sad to see an old rusty V8 that's only running on three

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what I'm after in the TOC, expect when I actually add a TOC to level 4 it 
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