Style containing outline numbering - outline number does not appea



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Style containing outline numbering - outline number does not appea

Postby Q2Fyb2xpbmU » Tue, 13 Sep 2005 11:17:02 GMT

Hi folks,

I use Word 2000 in an office that uses predefined styles for outline 
numbering.  This was all fine and dandy (except for the usual Word 2000 
numbering issues) until I struck the following problem:

As far as I can reconstruct, this problem occurs when you paste text 
containing a particular style into a document that does not have that style.  
Then if you use Organizer to transfer the style into the document (after the 
paste) the style appears without any outlining. Sometimes it has the correct 
indents, sometimes not.  No matter how many times you try to transfer the 
style, it just won't bring across the outlining.
I have found this problem twice, with two different documents and different 
styles, but as far as I can tell both times there was a paste from another 
document, and then the user discovered the style was missing and tried to 
copy it across. 

The only fix I have found for this problem is to use a different style 
altogether (not always possible) or to dump the document and start again.

Any help would be appreciated.  We have a lot of old documents and we can't 
update them all with the correct styles, so I know I'm going to run across 
this little number over and over again.


Re: Style containing outline numbering - outline number does not appea

Postby Margaret Aldis » Wed, 14 Sep 2005 23:47:27 GMT

i Caroline

Word 2000 is really pretty buggy in this area, so I'm not sure you are going
to find a simple way around it. There are a few things you could check that
might help, and a way of setting up the template so that you can get the
styles via an update, though probably not using the Organizer. I'm dredging
memory here but:

In the pasted content, make sure you are getting fully matched style and
numbering. You might find that using Ctrl-Q to reset to style works, but if
the style itself is coming across without numbering but the pasted text has
the numbering as direct formatting you may be able to update the style by
redefining to match the selection (should be offered in Word 2000 when you
reapply the style from the dropdown, I think.)

I'm not sure the Organizer ever works for numbered styles in Word 2000, but
just in case try doing the copy "Three times for luck" while the dialog is
open. (In Word XP and 2003 that realigns the styles and list templates, but
so much changed under the surface it may not work earlier.)

The full workaround is to use a macro to set up the numbered styles,
avoiding the use of the List Gallery. In Word 97 and Word 2000 that seems to
firmly cement the list template and the linked styles together, so you can
update the style from template (though not via the Organizer) - and even if
all else fails, you can run the macro to set up the numbered styles, which
might be the simplest solution for your old documents. There is example code
and a long discussion at

or here

I also found an old post of mine where I listed some problems that may be
the same as yours:

Hope this is some help

Margaret Aldis - Microsoft Word MVP
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Word MVP FAQ site:

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RE: Style containing outline numbering - outline number does not appea

Postby Q2h1Y2sgSGVucmljaA » Thu, 15 Sep 2005 22:13:01 GMT

he key thing about taming outline paragraph numbering is understanding that
it relies on list templates which are linked to styles but are not actually
part of style definitions.

List templates are defined separately from styles. You define LTs using the
Customize Outline Numbered List dialog or through code.

List templates have levels (1-9) which correspond to the number levels you
see when you define the numbering for a set of styles. Word's numbering
dialog allows you to create a named list template that is associated with a
style (the "ListNum field list name" field in the Customize Outline Numbered
List dialog) but unfortunately that dialog doesn't allow you to link
individual styles with a list template's specific levels - the only way to do
that is through code (the ".LinkedStyle" property of the list level). IMHO
this is a basic design flaw in Word's numbering feature which can and should
be fixed, something I've done myself (for more information visit my website).

If you want to copy outline numbered styles between documents and have them
retain their outline numbering, you first must link a named list template to
your style and also link the style to the appropriate list level. Once
you've done that Organizer will *usually* copy the styles and their numbering
correctly. Unfortunately *usually* isn't always (I've run into situations in
2003 where it doesn't although it does in 2000). I've created a utility that
does that which is free for personal use.

I'm not sure where the "Organizer copy 3 times" idea came from but it's
never worked for me. That's not surprising because if a style isn't linked
to a list level the list template then Word has no way of identifying which
list level should be copied over. In any case there's nothing magical about
the number 3 - copying over and over hoping that the numbers will copy over
with the styles is just as much a toss of the dice at 3 times as at 30.

It all sounds pretty complicated but really it's just tedious. You might
want to take a look at the following for an example of how to put the concept
into practice:

Chuck Henrich

"Caroline" wrote:

Re: Style containing outline numbering - outline number does not appea

Postby Charles Kenyon » Fri, 16 Sep 2005 03:30:01 GMT

i Chuck,

So far as I know, I came up with the copy three times rule a while back. It
is important when copying linked or cascading styles. Copying once will lose
all links, between styles. Copying three times will retain all links,
between styles. List templates are something else entirely.

I do use the Organizer copy method with outline numbering styles and it
works for me. I just tried it again to make sure, using a template source
that was not created on this computer. The numbering formatting is retained.
The original numbering was set using the procedures outlined in Shauna
Kelly's articles back around 2001. It seems to be stable but I haven't tried
to destruction test it, just used it in practicing law.

The macro for transfering the styles is below.

Sub PleadingStyleTransfer()
' PleadingStyleTransfer Macro
' Macro written 14 November 2001 by Charles Kyle Kenyon
On Error GoTo NoDocument 'In case called when no document is open.
Dim sThisTemplate As String
Dim sTargetDoc As String
Dim i As Integer
Dim iCount As Integer
Dim rResponse As Variant 'vbMsgBoxResult in Word 2000 or later
sThisTemplate = ThisDocument.FullName
sTargetDoc = ActiveDocument.FullName 'generates error if no document
rResponse = MsgBox(Prompt:="This command redefines your Body Text Style
and" _
& vbCrLf & "Heading Styles 1-9. Are you sure you want to do this?" _
& vbCrLf & vbCrLf & "If you are not sure, answer 'No' and make a
backup of your document." _
& vbCrLf & "Then run the command to copy the styles again.", _
Title:="Are you sure you want to redefine your styles?", _
Buttons:=vbYesNo + vbExclamation)
If rResponse = vbNo Then Exit Sub
On Error Resume Next
' Copy Body Text and Pleading Styles to Active Document
For i = 1 To 3 ' copy styles three times
StatusBar = "Copying Styles - Round " & i & " of 3"
With Application
.OrganizerCopy Source:=sThisTemplate, _
Destination:=sTargetDoc, Name:="Body Text,bt,bt1", Object:=
StatusBar = i & "/3: Body Text"
For iCount = 1 To 9
.OrganizerCopy Source:=sThisTemplate, _
Destination:=sTargetDoc, Name:= _
"Heading " & iCount & ",h" & iCount & ",Pleading " &
iCount _
& ",p" & iCount, Object:= _
StatusBar = i & "/3: Pleading " & iCount & " copied"
Next iCount
End With
Next i
StatusBar = "All styles copied."
' Change to Pleading 1 style?
rResponse = MsgBox(Prompt:="Change to Pleading 1 style and go into
Outline view?", _
Buttons:=vbYesNo, Title:="Pleading Styles Imported - start
If rResponse = vbYes Then
Selection.Style = ActiveDocument.Styles("Heading 1,h1,Pleading
ActiveWindow.ActivePane.View.Type = wdMasterView
Else 'not now - then reminder
MsgBox Prompt:="The style to start your pleading is Pleading 1 or
p1." _
& vbCrLf & "It is probably easiest to work in Outline view."
End If
Exit Sub
MsgBox Prompt:="Sorry, this command is only available when you have a
document open." _
& vbCrLf & "It should be used after you have your caption set up.", _

Re: Style containing outline numbering - outline number does not appea

Postby Charles Kenyon » Fri, 16 Sep 2005 03:31:52 GMT

he macro I posted in another response in this thread worked in Word 97 and
Word 2000 with numbered outline styles.
Charles Kenyon

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