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  • 1. Open Access Application
    Hello I have successfully opened an Excel Application from word. Now I need to be able to open an Access Application from word (Using a cmdbutton). The same methodology does not work with Access because I have my access application to open to a specific form automatically. any suggestions? Thank you so much Terry V
  • 2. cmd and protected doc
    Hello Is there anyway to protect my document but allow the user to click a command button? I do not want the user to select textboxes or change text, only read it and click on a command button. Thank you so much Terry V
  • 3. Document Protect
    I have Windows 2000 Professional, Version 2000 (9.0.2720) I've created a form in MS Word. In the past, I've been able to use the forms toolbar to protect and unprotect this document. However, one time recently, I saved the file and this toolbar option is grayed out (as it is in the drop-down menu). I thought it had something to do with the macro I tried to save with this document, so I went into the macro and deleted it but that only caused more problems for whoever opens the document. They now get this error message: The macros in this project are disabled. Please refer to the online help or documentation of the host application to determine how to enable macros. So really, I now have two problems. Can anyone help? Karen

VBA paste clipboard picture

Postby RkdN » Wed, 29 Mar 2006 01:46:05 GMT

Word 2002; windows 2000

Having a new document open and pressing a command button to run my VBA 
command: it opens a master document and copies a picture of a signature off 
the master document to the clipboard.  It closes the master document and 
returns the new document letter that I am writing.  It pastes the signature 
to the new letter.

The problem is that it does not paste it where my cursor is.  It pastes it 
at the top of the document.  Is there something in my coding that would tell 
it to paste it at the insertion point.

Thank you in advance...

Re: VBA paste clipboard picture

Postby Jezebel » Wed, 29 Mar 2006 14:55:08 GMT

Hard to say without seeing the code. Selection.Paste is normally what you 
want. A simpler method is to define the signature image as an autotext entry 
in the letter template.

Re: VBA paste clipboard picture

Postby RkdN » Wed, 29 Mar 2006 21:43:02 GMT

How do you define an image asan autotext entry?

Re: VBA paste clipboard picture

Postby Jezebel » Thu, 30 Mar 2006 06:51:21 GMT

Same way you define any other AutoText entry. Insert the image into a 
document, select it, go to Insert > AutoText ...

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