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Macro for Paste Special - Picture (Enhanced Metafile)

Postby T3JpYW5h » Sun, 20 Sep 2009 03:04:01 GMT

Hello!  I am trying to set up a macro (key command alt+ctrl+p) that will 
perform the following command: Paste Special - Picture (Enhanced Metafile).  
I tried recording a macro to do this, and it came up with this:

Sub PasteMetafile()
' PasteMetafile Macro
   Application.Run MacroName:="Normal.Module2.EditPasteSpecial
End Sub

When I try to run it, it takes me to the "Paste Special" screen that pops 
up, but it doesn't select Picture (Enhanced Metafile) for me.  I found this 
code from someone else:

AppWord.Selection.PasteSpecial Placement:=wdInLine, 

...but it gives me Error 424 "Object required."

How can I make it specifically choose Picture (Enhanced Metafile)?

Just FYI, I have another macro set up already that tells Word whenever I use 
Paste Special to paste everything as inline rather than floating.

Thank you!

RE: Macro for Paste Special - Picture (Enhanced Metafile)

Postby T3JpYW5h » Sun, 20 Sep 2009 03:10:01 GMT

Actually, I sort've got it to work!  I used:

Selection.PasteSpecial Placement:=wdInLine, 

BUT - now here's what's happening.

I have graphs in Excel I am copying and pasting as Pictures (Enhanced 
Metafiles) into Word (no linking involved).  I have to go through and replace 
a bunch of the pictures.  When I use this paste special command manually, it 
keeps the same formatting as the picture it is "replacing."  Now, when I use 
this macro, it changes the size of the picture.  Can I code the macro to 
somehow keep the same formatting as the object it's replacing?

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