Microsoft Live Communications Server



  • 1. Drive Imaging
    Figured I would ask this here since many developers may have had this issue. We need to be able to image a test PC in order to do install testing on multiple OSes. Ghost 9 seems to not work for anything below Win 2000. We need something that can be used to create an restore a full drive image of Win98-XP on an NTFS partition. Any suggestions?
  • 2. Can subscription licenses run out?
    If a person gets the Universal MSDN pack through the Empower ISV, are the number of installations limited? What if my computer was messed up and I had to re-install everything? Does it mean one of the licenses is gone for good? Is getting the regular MSDN Universal subscription the same? Thanks. JP
  • 3. Visual Source Save
    Is Visual Source Save a part of the MSDN Universal Subscription? Is there any type of training available for Visual Source Save?
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Microsoft Live Communications Server

Postby Javier varez » Thu, 01 Jan 2004 01:01:14 GMT


When is available the Spanish version of Microsoft Live Communications
When is available for MSDN Subcriber Downloads?


Javier varez.

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