I need to confirm my account


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    Hi Folks please excuse if this isnt the right forum to ask this question Is there any way to view buddy lists from MSN Messenger while browsing w/ IE. I recently gave up my MSN internet service for high-speed cable service. In MSN you can view your Messenger buddy lists while surfing the Web. I would like to replicate this while using IE through my cable service In trying to move up to the mordern age, I upset my daughter who has fallen in love w/ MSN capabilities Thanks
  • 2. messenger & AOL instant messenger
    Can the Microsoft messenger and AOL Instant Messenger work together. ie, I only want to use one application to communicate with all people.
  • 3. start with a preselected "offline" status
    hallo! if I start the messenger (act. rel.) and I have finished my login at msn, than my status is fix "online". Now I can selct manually every possible status... Can me anybody tell what I have to do, if I want to have a default status at first "offline" after logging in? Ciao! hgwaldt
  • 4. Ports used by MSN Messenger v6.2?
    Hi! Which ports does the current version of MSN Messenger use? Here's what I currently know: Connectivity to MSN's servers: TCP port 1863 File transfers: TCP ports 6891-6900. (Is this still the case with v6?) Video: ?? Audio: ?? (Remote Assistance: TCP port 3389 - WindowsMessenger) Anything else? Thank you in advance for any info! Best wishes, Andrew
  • 5. Tabs Is not Working
    my tabs is not working n i keep getting the message 'fun & games is temporarily unavailable, try again later' i did every things n Read help and forums... Restall MSN-Messenger 6.2 checked unchecked all security and privacy-settings. but didnt work. can u help me...?

I need to confirm my account

Postby Jackie » Tue, 13 Feb 2007 04:38:52 GMT

Please send me the information to confirm my account
Jacke Rinker

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Re: I need to confirm my account

Postby Jonathan Yaniv » Tue, 27 Feb 2007 09:21:20 GMT

What do you mean?


Have a nice day,

Jonathan Yaniv
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3.confirm email address

have a wee problem, created an msn account for my sister but her email 
account wasn't set up so the email from msn would have bounced
without that email she obviously can't verify her email address and 
neither of us can find out how to get another email sent...

can anyone help ?


4.Can't confirm email address with Messenger

I use MSN Messenger 6.  Instead of showing a nick-name, it shows my email 
address (unconfirmed).  Each time I start XP, Messenger pops up and tells me 
I need to confirm my email address. When I first signed up for Messenger, and 
installed the software, it was supposed to send me a confirmation email.... I 
click on the link, then my address is confirmed. But I never got the email, 
or inadvertently deleted it ...thus the continuing message.
Every time I click on the balloon that pops up from taskbar, it takes me to 
some MSN site, and then the message "server is unable to complete this task 
at this time" is displayed.  been like this for months.   Messenger works, 
except for video conferencing. The person I message with can see my webcam 
OK, but I cannot see his. When I accept his invitation to video, within 
seconds it says "invitation cancelled", although he didn't cancel it.  Could 
this be related to my unconfirmed email address, somehow not letting us have 
full functionality?

5.Please can team confirm Bcc corruption/visibility bug?

Please can the WLM Desktop team confirm that the Bcc corruption/visibility 
bug is confirmed and scheduled for fixing? I believe this report has been 
passed to you by the Windows Live team, but it's not really their area.

As you hopefully know, it relates to adding Bcc terms to a message reply 
when using the WLM Desktop client with a Hotmail account. The Bcc terms are 
not properly stripped from the message, instead the header gets corrupted. 
The recipient can see some or all of the Bcc terms, sometimes in the body 
text of the message because the corruption can insert a blank line.

Many thanks

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