win XP & MSN


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  • 1. .tmp files how can they be viewed
    does anyone know how to view the tmp files that messenger creates and stores in the messenger folder on my c drive ? I'm using Win XP and have tried viewing the tmp files with notepad but all I get is a load of gobbledegook !!! regards Billy
  • 2. Automatic sign-in
    Hi, can anybody tell me how to get it so MSN Messenger NEVER automatically signs in? I figured out how to make it so it doesn't start up when Windows starts, but what about my e-mail program? Every time I open Outlook Express, it signs in and I have to hurry up and sign out or cancel sign in if I don't feel like letting anyone know I am on-line. I hate it, and it's very annoying. PLEASE HELP!! Thanks a bunch! Emily
  • 3. Messenger 6.0 / Win 98 Voice chat problems
    We are experiencing voice conversation difficulties since the upgrade to 6.0. We get a quick and short reply stating that 'The audion conversation has ended.' . It syas connecting to the computer and doesn't seem to be doing anything. I wonder if there is a fix for it. I keep reading about some rtcdll.dll fix. Has anybody tried it out. If yes. let us know if it has worked for you. I am hoping 6.1 would end our voice chat miseries. Yahoo Messenger voice conversation still work Thanks much for your posts. Siva
  • 4. remove msn instant messenger
    I have nothing against msn I don't IM I thought I uninstalled but I still get messages everytime I log on that I have to update,securty problems new versions and do I want them. I have been having other odd problems with my new lap top since I uninstalled the program. I will take any help you have to offer. marrice

win XP & MSN

Postby Dalvi » Mon, 20 Sep 2004 17:01:14 GMT

Hi there,

In my Pc I reconfiured some accounts (local) and add some 
restrictions in registry to prevent/monitor internet 
surfing for other new accounts. Afetr this now MSN stopped 
accepting my login.  I cannot check my mails in hotmail.
Same password works from other PC.

Please let me know how to reconfigure MSN so that it will 
take fresh settings?

Thakns and regard.

Re: win XP & MSN

Postby Jonathan Kay [MVP] » Mon, 20 Sep 2004 21:22:50 GMT

Greetings Dalvi,

There's not much "built-in" to Windows to do this besides some Internet Explorer policy 
settings, exactly what restrictions did you use?
Jonathan Kay
Microsoft MVP - MSN Messenger/Windows Messenger
Associate Expert
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