problems after changing login email address


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  • 1. Hacker
    someone has managed to hack into my MSN account and is sending viruses from my e-mail addy. they have changed my password and now i can't get back in, is there ANYTHING i can do to get this gyt off my account or even trace his IP address???? PLEASE help me
  • 2. Video Conference MSN 7.5
    MSN Messenger 7.5 Build 7.5.0311. Audio and webcam wizard sees mic and webcam. When I start a video conference--messenger states "webcam in use or unplugged". Webcam works for all other applications. Video conversation worked fine on previous MSN Messenger 6.something? WINXPsp2--Intel PC Camera Pro. Anyone have any possible solutions?
  • 3. My entire contacts see me Offline
    From since yesterday msn is getting me stressed. For no apparent reason my existing contacts see me as offline. I'm actually online but they see my icon offline. I can message them and so they also do so but nevertheless I still appear to be "offline" to them. I got a reply from msn. support, but all advice were in vain. Is there any other solutions?? Please help because this is very weird and is stressing me out.
  • 4. MSN Messenger error message
    Hello; Tonight both my daughter and myself downloaded and installed the latest version of MSN Messenger version 7.5. Both of us also have the Logitech QuickCam communicate STX. When I tried to establish a video conversation with her I got the message "The invitation to this video conversation was not sent because XXXX@XXXXX.COM (E-mail Address Not Verified) is using an older version of Messenger that does not support this feature." What does this mean since she is using version 7.5 which is the current version? Also what does it mean when it says "E-mail Address Not Verified)? Thanks for your help! -- Regards, Bill Artman

problems after changing login email address

Postby YmVydGhh » Mon, 18 Jul 2005 08:49:01 GMT

Hi there, I recently posted a question regarding how to change my email 
address as it no longer existed.  I got a great response and changed my email 
address thanks to this forum.  My contacts transferred over  but now when I 
log in, it will not show the people who are online.  I know for a fact there 
are people online but it says that none of my contacts are online.  What 
should I do to fix this?

Re: problems after changing login email address

Postby Jonathan Kay [MVP] » Mon, 18 Jul 2005 08:55:31 GMT

Greetings Bertha,

How long ago was this?  It can sometimes take a few days for the changes to reflect through 
everyone's account on your list.
Jonathan Kay
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