problems after changing login email address


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    trying to connect to msn. with trillian. the connection fails after 1min. yahoo works fine.
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    We are running Symantec Client Firewall on our notebooks and would like to be able to use Windows Messenger also. When we try and connect messenger it does not work. I have tried to disable the firewall but it still does not connect. As soon as I uninstall the firewall the messenger connects right away. Any ideas for a fix so we can run both firewall and messenger? Thanks,
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    I have msn 6.2 and i have a problem with it. when i`m playing a game, msn will throw me off a couple of times a day, but restarts itself again and then i can play again. how come msn doing this? what can i do about it? (i have norton anti-virus and i did try re-installing my computer a couple of times, but that didn`t work) Please help me..... Thanks!
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    It worked for me... In %WINDOWS%\Winsxs, Find the folder named: "x86_Microsoft.Windows.Networking.Dxmrtp_6595b64144ccf1df_5.2.2.1_x-ww_46846 6a5" (It should have "Dxmrtp" in it) Rename it (add a character to the end of the folder name). In %WINDOWS%, find the "Installer" directory and rename it also. (I renamed mine "Installer2") Now, run the installation executable... The original folders will be recreated. You can delete the "Dxmrtp" folder, I believe, but I'm hanging on to my "Installer2", JIC. Jonathan, please add what you will... This worked for me on Win2K AS SP4..
  • 5. Can't delete old user
    I took over a workstation for my use in the office. The previous user had used MSN IM and had her stuff setup. I cannot find a way to delete that prior user, uninstall the program or get her name off of it. When I send a IM to someone in my company, it shows her old email address with my name. Help! Any ideas?

problems after changing login email address

Postby YmVydGhh » Mon, 18 Jul 2005 08:49:01 GMT

Hi there, I recently posted a question regarding how to change my email 
address as it no longer existed.  I got a great response and changed my email 
address thanks to this forum.  My contacts transferred over  but now when I 
log in, it will not show the people who are online.  I know for a fact there 
are people online but it says that none of my contacts are online.  What 
should I do to fix this?

Re: problems after changing login email address

Postby Jonathan Kay [MVP] » Mon, 18 Jul 2005 08:55:31 GMT

Greetings Bertha,

How long ago was this?  It can sometimes take a few days for the changes to reflect through 
everyone's account on your list.
Jonathan Kay
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