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  • 1. Alerts and Sounds
    I seem to have a problem when someone messages, someone coming online and when someone sends me a nudge. I can't seem to here anything. I tried about everything but I still don't hear any sounds. Can someome please HELP ME!
  • 2. Restoring "blocked" files
    I have experienced the issue of harmless file transfers being blocked by Messenger, and have now installed Jonathan's registry change. However, I would like to restore access to a file I recieved before applying the patch. Does anyone know how to do this? Messenger spent quite some time transferring it, so I'd like to think it's here somewhere! I really don't want to have to ask my friend to send it again after they were kind enough to spend all that time and bandwidth sending it the first time.
  • 3. Keeps dropping connections
    I use MSN messenger for all my IM needs, however everytime I log into a vpn or remote network (my default gateway does NOT change) it drops and reconnects. Alot of my contacts are complaining to me because I do this probably 30-40 times a day. Does anyone know how to fix this. Please keep in mind that I am not connecting to remote network that changes my default gateway so it should not drop the msn messenger connection. Thanks, Mark
  • 4. Configuration Fury
    Hi. I have had (and worked my way through) many of the issues associated with MSN 7 since installing, including the removal of windows messenger functionality. However, I now find myself furious with the options as there doesn't seem to be one to suit dial-up access. All I need is for MSN 7 to start when windows starts (got that bit), AND for it to passively wait for a connection, and shut up once the connection is closed. At the moment, I disconnect, and the damn thing keeps trying to reconnect. I've tried everything, and for the life of me cannot get it to behave. Please help.


Postby The Grey Goose » Mon, 08 Dec 2003 08:51:11 GMT

I just cannot believe that MS screwed up so badly on this second MSN  6.1
upgrade, If it is truly down to to MS then they should ashamed of themselves

 I updated to 6.1 about 3 weeks ago, but to be forced into into updating
once again yet again into a crippled version of the same is beyond

What was so bad in the original 6.1 that compelled MS to force people to
upgrade once again

Somehow I cannot believe that MS is being totally honest by the fact that
they haven't apparently given any reason for  this new tactic.

Normally microsoft have informed us of any update and nagged us to download
it but this time they refused entry until we upgrade anyone else smell fish?

So come  on BG make a statement and tell us what is happening and why

The Goose

May the Sun never
Set on your cabbage patch

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