eSite chooses Yellowfin for Location Intelligence



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eSite chooses Yellowfin for Location Intelligence

Postby JTP PR » Mon, 22 Mar 2010 21:23:14 GMT

eSite, Inc. has announced Yellowfin as the successful web based
Business Intelligence vendor to provide them with integrated Location
Intelligence. Yellowfin will be integrated into eSite Tools, a
customized software toolkit to provide added reporting and analysis.

As a full service location and market research firm, eSite offers
their customers a range of services including market analysis; site
selection; customer segmentation; competitor analysis; branch/outlet
performance analysis and brand optimization to their customers. With
its powerful spatial engine, eSite utilizes demographic and lifestyle
data combined with customer sales and loyalty data to create detailed
assessments of potential site locations within large market areas.

One of the major gaps identified is the lack of competitor store level
reporting for retail outlets.  The challenge for eSite was to find a
Business Intelligence and Location Intelligence solution that could
utilize all of the data being collected and present that in an easy to
use way for their customers.

Alan Craig, Chief Operating Officer, eSite Inc. said ith Yellowfin
we will be able to provide customers with
real-time Benchmarking and KPI reporting to retail management level
providing them with a serious competitive advantage

The combination of traditional BI presentation of tables and charts
will be made even more powerful when combined with mapping and eSites
benchmarking and clustering capabilities. For example, stores that are
closely situated spatially are not necessarily good candidates for
comparison. eSites clustering process combined with Yellowfin, will
allow site managers to effectively benchmark their performance with
their peers.

Glen Rabie, CEO, Yellowfin said ellowfin Location Intelligence
combines traditional Business Intelligence with the addition of a
spatial element to let you easily visualize your spatial and business
data simultaneously. As a BI platform with its fully integrated GIS
capability, Yellowfin is unique. It lets you query the hereas well
as the hatand the hen 

Having selected Yellowfin, eSite will be able to provide their
customers with the ability to determine not only the best location for
their next site but to allow their site managers to monitor a range of
customized reports that utilize Location Intelligence to visualize
each sites KPI to benchmark and optimize their performance.

By combining eSites demographic and lifestyle data with Yellowfins
integrated Location Intelligence, customers will be are able to
analyze their current market, adapt to new markets, trends and
economies ensuring they are ahead of their competitors.

Download the esite/Yellowfin Case Study

Direct Li>k -->   http://www.**--****.com/ 

Download Yellowfins Whitepaper on Location Intelligence

Direct Li>k -->  http://www.**--****.com/ 

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