fails to create excel sheet diminically by using NamedRange.In

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Re: fails to create excel sheet diminically by using NamedRange.In

Postby Y2hhbg » Sun, 05 Oct 2008 09:50:00 GMT

ello Cindy:

1-it was some of typo in last post i am sorry for that.
let us to clearify some of the quetions :(i use pinkyonline:)

-- cindy :Did you upgrade a VSTO 2003 solution to work with VSTO 2005 +
Office 2003? And now you're trying to migrate it to Office 2007?

pinkyonline: yes exactely ,
By running a legacy Excel template let application that is using VSTO
sheet object. Which is required to run solutions built using VSTO 2005 this
runtime supports solutions built for Microsoft Office 2007 system. The
creating sheets in run time dynamically are failing to completion properly.


GeoDSStemplate projects are creating sheets by using
theicrosoft.Office.Tools.excel dynamically which is VSTO sheet object so
that we can access the named range controls we created in the sheets
programmatically. The project absolutory runs fine in Microsoft Office 2003
system by using VSTO.
After replace VSTO sheet objects with excel Interop sheet objects and
Interop range objects using icrosoft.Office.Interop.excelin office 2007
system it fails the creating sheet to create sheets dynamically at runtime .

Note pleae kindly find the common code in this Blog below setion.

pinkyonline: we are subspecing :

The issue occrued in office 2007 migration now.the creating a sheet in
runtime falis to instance a NamedRange control by using Excel =
This template project is working fine with is task when office 2003 is by
using ExcelVSTO = Microsoft.Office.Tools.Excel;

when we replace the Microsoft.Office.Tools.Excel to
Microsoft.Office.Interop.Excel to for office 2007 imgration.
it is fail. one of error example :
In method calls between 2 libraries ExcelTemplateLibrary and
GeoDSSTemplateLibrary in runtime , the processing sometimes ( it ) have a
few errors for method overload errors with invalid augments. refer to
getRange, or AddNamed Range method related to NameRange control;
Error 21 The best overloaded method match for
Microsoft.Office.Interop.Excel.Range, string)' has some invalid arguments
C:\cd2005\ExcelTemplate2007issue\offline report \

pinkyonline: nature of the design in Environment:

it is built in excel office 2003, vsto for office 2003, visaul studio 2005
team suite , project type: template , migrate to office 2007 , with upgrade
to VSTO 2005 se

pinkyonline: i need to know does any limitation or not-support by VSTO 2005
se for office 2007 to using:
is a corrct appoaching write code : to creating a sheet in runtime to
instance a NamedRange control by using Excel =
in office 2007 migration now with C#?

thank you advance:
i will post next 3 post for add the code. it is limited to 30000

Excel.Range rngRange;
Excel.Range rngDivRange;
DataRow[] arr_dRSheet;
DataRow[] arr_dRRange;
string[,] arr_strRRRange;
string strWSName = "";
string strFilter = "";
string strSuperRangeName = "";
string strSoldTo = "";
string strDivRangeName = "";
int iRRColsCount = 0;
int iRRRowsCount = 0;
int iRowIndx = 0;
int iStartIndx = 1;
string strUpdDim = "";

Re: fails to create excel sheet diminically by using NamedRange.In

Postby Y2hhbg » Sun, 05 Oct 2008 10:03:01 GMT

private void SetRangeData(ExcelVSTO.NamedRange nrDivRange, string
strDivRangeName, Excel.Range rngDivRange)
DataTable dTData = null;
DataTable dTGroup = null;
DataRow[] arr_dRGroup = null;
DataRow[] arr_dRData = null;
object[,] arr_objDivRangeCalCol = null;
string[,] arr_strDivRangeCols = null;
string strFilter = "";
DataTable dTUColumns;
DataTable dTUserData = null;
System.Array arr_RangeData = null;
System.Array arr_GroupData = null;
int iSubGroupColIndx = 0;
int[] arr_iSubTotalRowIndex = null;
int iGroupIndx = 0;
Excel.Range rngIns = null;
Excel.Range rngData = null;
Excel.Range rngCell = null;
int iDivRowCnt = 0;
int iDivColCnt = 0;

dTGroup = m_dSTemplateData.Tables[clsGlobal.STR_TBL_GROUP];
if (dTGroup != null)
dTUColumns = new DataTable();

rngIns = (Excel.Range)nrDivRange.Cells[2, 1];
rngIns = (Excel.Range)rngDivRange.Cells[2, 1];
arr_objDivRangeCalCol =
//Record Range column details
arr_strDivRangeCols = GetRangeColumns(nrDivRange, ref
dTUColumns, rngDivRange);
if (clsGlobal.HasUserData == true)
if (clsGlobal.RangeIndentifierColumns.Trim() == "")
iSubGroupColIndx =
GetSubGroupColumn(m_nrCurrent, m_rngCurrent);
dTUserData = GetUserData(nrDivRange, dTUColumns,
iSubGroupColIndx, strDivRangeName, rngDivRange);
dTUserData = GetUserData(nrDivRange, dTUColumns,
strDivRangeName, rngDivRange);
//Set Data to the range

if (m_dTSuperRangeData != null)
dTData = m_dTSuperRangeData;
dTData = m_dSTemplateData.Tables[m_strTableName];
arr_dRGroup = dTGroup.Select("", clsGlobal.STR_COL_ORDER);
arr_iSubTotalRowIndex = new int[arr_dRGroup.Length];
foreach (DataRow dRGroup in arr_dRGroup)
strFilter = clsGlobal.STR_COL_GROUP + " = '" +
dRGroup[clsGlobal.STR_COL_GROUP].ToString() + "'";
if (dTData.Columns[clsGlobal.STR_COL_ORDER + "New"]
!= null)
arr_dRData = dTData.Select(strFilter,
clsGlobal.STR_COL_ORDER + "New");

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