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  • 1. inspector in outlook 2003 - C#
    I am developing an Add-In for Outlook 2003 using C#. I have created a new inspector for adding commandbuttons. My inspector starts ok, and my buttons appear, but i only want them in the reading pane, and mail composing pane. Not in contacts and tasks and so on. In other words, how do I detect that I am in the mail composing "window" And as a bonus question, how do I add a commandbutton the the "standard" toolbar in outlook 2003 Best, Jorgen
  • 2. Add-Ins that work in Outlook 2003 break in Outlook 2007
    I have an Outlook Add-In written in VB 6 accessing CDO.dll that works fine in Outlook 2003. A client upgraded to Vista and installed Outlook 2007 and now the Add-In will not load. (BTW, it did load and work in the Beta version, so I am not sure what has changed). 1. It is not in the disabled list but it is in the Inactive Application Add-Ins list. 2. The first time I try to "check the box" in the "Add-Ins available" list, the Windows Installer starts but errors out with this exact syntax: "Error 2711.An internal error has occurred. (OutlookCDO ) 3. If I try to "check the box" again, the load behavior says "Not loaded. A runtime error occurred during the loading of the COM Add-in." Again, this works fine in Outlook 2003. 4. Then I tried to Regsvr32 a copy of CDO.dll that I copied from a system with XP and Outlook 2003 and received an error "To register a module, you must provide a binary file name". I did run as adminsitrator. 5. From a search recommendation, I tried to install ExchangeCDO.MSI but that did not help. The same behavior occurs. 6. My understanding is that all add-ins are automatically trusted in Outlook 2007 but I tried removing the macro security check and checked "Apply macro security settings to installed add-ins" with no luck. If you need more information, I am happy to provide it for you. Thanks in advance.
  • 3. Word Add-in installation problem
    Hi, I'm working on a Word 2007 add-in made with VSTO 2005 SE. It works on my development computer, but I can't deploy on another computer. Visual Studio generate an installation program, and during the installation, I've got this message : " Unable to get installer types in the <AddinWord2007.dll> assembly. Unable to load one or more of the requested types. Retrieve the LoaderExceptions property for more information." I've installed all the prerequisites : .NET Framework 2.0 Office 2007 PIA Visual Studio Tools for Office Runtime Thank you

Office 2007 Enhanced ScreenTips

Postby kjartan93a » Sat, 14 Apr 2007 02:05:43 GMT

I've created an Add-In for Excel 2007.  However, despite careful read-
throughs of supporting MS documentation, I can't find enough details
on attributes for handling Enhanced ScreenTips.  Specifically:

1)  By default, a "gear" icon appears beside the help reference at the
bottom of each of my Enhanced ScreenTips, instead of of the "?" help
icon as seen in the Screentips for the MS tabs.  How can I correct

2) Not all of my Enhanced ScreenTips need to include a Help
reference.  How can I omit this?

Developing the XML for my Add-In has been a relative breeze, but a few
details like the above are still eluding me.  Thanks for any tips.

Re: Office 2007 Enhanced ScreenTips

Postby Patrick Schmid [MVP] » Sat, 14 Apr 2007 03:08:08 GMT

You can't do either one. 1 & 2 are not possible.

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