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Re: Error installing Office 2007 Primary Interop Assemblies packag

Postby R2VyYXJkIExhc2xldHQ » Sun, 06 Apr 2008 01:30:00 GMT

I get the same issue.
It's only on a client's machine (in another country) - so testing isn't as 
easy doing dectective work as you may think in some situations.
I was hoping to find some response from microsoft on this issue - but no 
luck so far.
I'll probably tell my clients to forget about Office 2007 - and re-install 
Office 2003 - which didn't have that issue.

I'm too lazy to make a sig.

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I am using, Vista and Office 2007, and I have developed an Add-in for 
Outlook 2007 and deployed it successfully on a couple different machines  But 
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o2007pia.msi file.   So then I try running o2007pia.msi on its own and I 
receive the error 


"Error 1316. Setup cannot read from file C:\Eric\PIAREDIST.msi. Check your 
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When I downloaded the file named rimaryInteropAssembly.exeI did not 
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I created a new Word Add-In and added a Ribbon Support item.  I then
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Without doing any code changes to the solution I saved it, closed it
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"This project references the primary interop assembly for Microsoft
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References Name: 	Microsoft Word 12.0 Object Library
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As I continue to figure out my "missing reference" issue, I have figured out 
that if the "dll" is found in the directory path of  "program 
files\\Primary Interop Assemblies", then it is in my list of 
references to add.  For any ".dll" that is in the path of 
"C:\windows\assembly", none of those are included in the reference list, and 
that is where I find my "" that I need.  

When adding a reference, I've even taken the option to "browse" and I browse 
to the windows/assembly folder, but it still will not allow me to select the 
"" assembly. 

Any thoughts would be appreciated. 


"Diane" wrote:

> I have a VB project that I need to add the reference 
> "", although this week, the reference is not in 
> the list to choose - last week it was.  So where has my assembly gone??  
> Things I've checked: from control panel, admin tools, Microsoft .NET 
> Framework 2.0 Configuration, I've viewed the Assembly Cache, and 
> "" is in the list.  Next, I've re-registered the 
> assembly using the regasm utility, "regasm 
> Microsoft.Office.Interop.Word.dll", and it successfully registers.  Still I 
> try to add a reference in my project, and the .NET reference list does not 
> give me the option of the "".  I know the PIA's 
> were installed using the option to run from my computer, I have verified this 
> by checking the options on add/remove programs from the Control Panel.  Any 
> suggestions or links as to how this can be added to my list of references 
> would be great! 

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