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  • 1. Lockdown Styles in Powerpoint 2003
    Hi - is there a way to lock everything down so that the end user cannot change the font, size, colour, and most important the postion of the text boxes - but be able to create slides from template and add text ? We are using Powerpoint 2003. Thanks in advance if you are able to help.
  • 2. Using date/time criteria in ADO SELECT statements
    I'm trying to use a date/time variable in an ADO SELECT statement, but I get a data type mismatch error message relating to the time element. The variable is in the VBA Date data type and is shown as (e.g.) "06/02/06 10:13:12". Help! I'm trying to synchronise data between a SQL Server database and an Access one. The string is "SELECT * FROM [TblPeople] WHERE [LastModded]<'" & SynchPoint & "';" Synchpoint is the date variable.
  • 3. PowerPoint and EMF (From shape->export)
    I would like to have some documentation on PowerPoint shape EMF generation, its use of the EMR_GDICOMMENT record. (mainly the one that embed the image source file) Thank you in advance in helping us make better software for the windows platform, Stephan

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