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    I am currenting using a Module in Access2k to open and populate bookmarked MS Word documents and print them. This works great and is a huge time saver. I would like to open some non-microsoft files (*.pdf, *.dwg) with the native applications for printing. I can extract the fileNames with an ADO procedure from a SQL datastore. Not sure if this is possible. No modiifications to the files are required, just printing. Currently this is a time consuming non automated process. Any Ideas? thanks for the responses. G

Pb with Drag and Drop

Postby ByB » Mon, 11 Jun 2007 21:47:25 GMT


I am developping a VBA program in Access where I want to make drag and 
drop between a ListView control and a TreeView control.

My problem now is that where I drag the ListView item to the Treeview 
item, and drop it at the first level item of the TreeView, it seems to 
But if I drop the item in a sub-level item of the TreeView, I get an 
error message telling that "This would cause a cycle". But I don't 
understand why, as the item i drop is coming from the ListView, and was 
not already in thbe TreeView.

Can somebody tell me what is the cause of this message, and how I can 
prevent it ?

Thank you !

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