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    Hello, I am trying to learn Access 2007 VBA and I am having a problem with reading an input file. I get a runtime error 62, Input past EOF. Here is the code I am using Private Sub Command3_Click() 'Create variables to store the input fields Dim lsPhoneNumber As String Dim lsFirstName As String Dim lsLastName As String 'Open the file for input into the listbox Open "friends.dat" For Input As #1 'Use the Input function to retrieve fields from the file Do Until EOF(1) Input #1, lsPhoneNumber, lsFirstName, lsLastName lstFriends.AddItem lsPhoneNumber & ", " & lsFirstName & ", " & lsLastName Loop Close 1 End Sub The file is saved as a .dat file "618-566-5859","Michael" "Jones" "618-566-9876","Tom","Dixson" "618-566-5732", "Rick", "Thompson" "618-566-2343", "Charles", "Neeley"
  • 2. VB6 and VBA on a Vista 64-bit computer
    I have just bought a Vista 64-bit computer after hearing that VB6 applications would run on it. This I have found to be true but it is not true for VBA macros running within Excel Here is my experience to date: Stand alone VB6 application was OK. Existing Word files are OK. Existing Excel files (.xls) are OK, unless they contain VBA macros. In the latter case, attempting to open the file triggers an error message to the effect that "the VBA project in this file requires a component that is not currently installed. The file will be opened without the VBA project. For more information search Microsoft Office Online for "VBA Converters"". Stripping out the macros makes the file useless. Furthermore, I can find no applicable information online. Why did Microsoft not provide the component as an add-in or say how it can be obtained.? My VB6 application calls an Excel spreadsheet (.xls, with VBA macros) to do calculations on data exported to it and to return the results. I have run all examples as administrator. Should someone know of a solution, I would very much appreciate hearing. Ted Mercer
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    All, is there a way to change the settings available in the "Set Up Show" Dialog using VBA? I'm especially interested in enabling/disabling the hardware graphics acceleration and to choose among multiple monitors. I didn't find anything in the object model or TypeLib - Is there a "non-documented" way to access these properties? Regards, Udo
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    Need HELP, I manage a pool league and am trying to write a weighted formula by playing ability. Players are ranked 1 thru 5. If a 5 plays a 4 deduct -.1 a 3 -.2 ect .
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    Hi, In PowerPoint 2007, how do you get a reference to the selected placeholder object when the user clicks inside? If ActiveWindow.Selection.Type gives you a value of ppSelectionText then you don't seem to be able to get a reference to the ShapeRange property of the Selection object. I tried ActiveWindow.Selection.ShapeRange.Item(1) to get the placeholder shape but this just gave me an error: "Invalid Request. Nothing appropriate is currently selected". Any ideas? Pete

Office clipboard

Postby Genghis » Sat, 04 Jun 2005 17:10:55 GMT

hi, does anyone knows if (and how) it is possible to use the office 
clipboard from VBA?
I'd like to paste for example 5 items and then programmatically paste some 
of this (the 3rd, and then the 1st, then the last and so on..)
thank you

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How do I turn this off permanently? If I click on Options when it appears
and select 'Don't show Office Clipboard automatically', it only gets rid off
it until I restart Excel at which time I have to do it again. I'd like to
turn it off permanently.

Any help would be appreciated.


4.Office Clipboard shows icon(s) when first opened, and can't paste XP clipboard contents


I'm using Windows XP Home SP2 and Office 2003, a wired keyboard
and using Word 2003 as my email editor.

When I try to copy from the internet and paste into Outlook all I get
is an icon rather than the text/picture I've copied (Ctrl-C) from the
net. This happens everytime if Outlook/Office is closed when I make my
selection. However, if Outlook/Office is open when I make my selection
then the selection pastes as expected. I'm pretty sure this didn't use
to happen, and it doesn't happen when I use Windows 2000 SP4 and 
Office XP/2002 at work. 

Is there an option to allow this, or is it a bug or something that
wipes out the clipboard when I open Office? I would expect that
the XP clipboard is separate from Office and should contain whatever 
I copy under any circumstance. Therefore I have to assume that
Office isn't handling the data from the XP clipboard properly when
opening. When I first open Outlook, if I look in the clipboard I can
see anywhere from 1-4 icons. There's a blue one with a green arroe
like a floopy insert icon, then there are up to 3 other Yellow floppy
icons one with a green checkmark, one with a red cross (X), and one
plain yellow floppy icon. 

I thought I'd read something about the first entry in the Office
clipboard getting mangled or deleted or something when Office opens,
but I can't recall where. Anyway this is really driving me
crazy, if you can help me I'd greatly appreciate it.



5.using office clipboard without launching office 2003

hi all,

wxp sp2, office 2003,

i found office clipboard to be quite useful and to date unthinkingly i have 
launched word 2003 just so i can have the office clipboard available for use 
(even though i may not be using office suite at the time). i am wondering 
whether i can launch just the clipboard without having to open any of the 
office program (i.e. if i don't need to use the office suite) say from the 
run command line or some other way(s).

thanks for help/advice.


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