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  • 1. Make image same size as cell using VBA
    I have a template with some tables and bookmarks. With some code i add an image to one of the bookmarks (within a cell) Now i'd like to use VBA to make the image the same size as the cell. Until now i have this code: Set WordRange = WordDoc.GoTo(What:=wdGoToBookmark, Name:="image") Set iShape = WordRange.InlineShapes.AddPicture(Filename:=rs!image, LinkToFile:=False, SaveWithDocument:=True) With iShape .Height = 365.25 .Width = 486.75 End With I'd like to replace these values with the cell format. With this code i tried to receive the cell format. WordRange.Cells.Height WordRange.Cells.Width Tried to change it this way: With iShape .Height = WordRange.Cells.Height .Width = WordRange.Cells.Width End With But it doesn't work as wanted. Please some advice. Thanks in advance Robertico
  • 2. Excel run problem after upgrade to Office2003
    Hi, I have some excel Macro files which is running fine in my office 97. After upgrade the office to 2003, I find a stream of problem.... ActiveSheet.PivotTables("PivotTable4").PivotSelect "PARENT_NO.[All;Total]", _ xlDataAndLabel Selection.sort Key1:="R4C6", Order1:=xlDescending, Type:=xlSortValues, _ OrderCustom:=1, Orientation:=xlTopToBottom Selection.Delete Selection.sort does not work under the case when I multiple select (multiple select but not in sequence) the excel row.... EDATA, WORKDAY, EOMONTH all did not work in office 2003, I have already checked all items in Add-Ins, but it does not help... Thanks! Sylvia
  • 3. VBA template problems
    After opening, editing, and closing a vba template many times (normal developer activites) blocks of code start disappearing and I get "phantom" code... My team has run into bugs were the code works perfectly on the developer machine but breaks in production and virtual machine testing. We run into "macro security or missing code" problems, and "internal compiler error in xxxx module". The code simply gets corrupted, sometimes works sometimes doesn't. This problem affect any code in the template. Removing event handlers from existing code also causes problems, somehow the event handler is not entirely removed and some code remains. The problem can usually be solved after rebuilding the template by copy pasting from a backup copy saved as plain text. We encountered this problem with all version of office currently available to the public. What can be done to ensure that we dont run into this problem? How can we test for this problem to make sure it doesn't exist in production code?
  • 4. VBA for serious development
    I've been using VBA for assorted projects as needed but am debating putting together an industrial strength application. I am comfortable enough with VBA, although I do wish it supported inheritance and overloading. I am not familiar with VB Net, and was wondering what the general feeling is on VB Net vs. VBA for MS office app development. Thanks, Eric


Postby QWxpLkFidWdocmFiaWVo » Sat, 18 Aug 2007 10:08:40 GMT

Is there any web site that you can help with to learn how to use IF, VLOOKUP, 
INDEX, etc Functions and all other functions. 
Thank all of u have a great JOB

RE: Functions

Postby R2FyeScncyBTdHVkZW50 » Thu, 30 Aug 2007 19:12:02 GMT

a place to start:

Gary''s Student - gsnu200740

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