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  • 1. Office Professional 2007
    am having a problem with Office professional 2007. I get an error when I try to copy and paste. "Item not Collected: Format not supported by Office Clipboard". I am trying to copy text or data from another Word document. Other times I just cant select anything to copy. What could be wrong? I think it started after updates for Word. I even rolled by to a week ago. I uninstalled 2007 and installed 2003 same results. Please reply to XXXX@XXXXX.COM .
  • 2. Registering mshflexgrid on PC w/o VSSP6 - does not work
    Hello folks! Here is the problem: We developed an MSAccess02 app that has MSHFlexGrid activeX com. It worked fine on users pc with Visual Studio Service Pack6. Now, users that get Access 2003, they dont get an install of vssp because Microsoft stopped supporting it. Now, even after registering mshflexgrid.ocx in \windows\system32 folder, the component cannot be loaded. When you open up a form with that control -- it says something like 'Object not found', or 'Control not loaded'.... Any ideas? How can we distribute the necessary lib files with out app so that it can be ran on other machines that dont have vssp6? THANK YOU !
  • 3. DSOFramer is no longer available?
    Hi MS Office experts, I have just noticed that DSOFramer 1.3 is no longer available to download. The KB article 311765 is also not available. I gone through some newgroup posts and MSDN forums where it was mentioned that it is no longer supported by Microsoft. It's really shocking news because we are using DSOFramer 1.3 heavily in our product. Does anyone know the reasons for removal of DSOFramer and its support? Is there any official information (from Microsoft) available about this removal? What are alternatives for those who are using DSOFramer 1.3 heavily for hosting Office 2007 documents? Thanks in Advance, -- Mahesh Devjibhai Dhola
  • 4. using {PRTSCR}
    hi i need to capture screen from an application and paste it into a word document, i learnt {PRTSCR} wont work directly with sendkey. though i did it an year back but forgot the password of my VBA project now nothing seems be working so had to start off fresh. here is what i want to do.. Private Sub CommandButton1_Click() AppActivate "e-point Windows Desktop 6.0", -1 SendKeys "%^{PRTSC}", -1 'Activating MS Word AppActivate "ledger print", -1 SendKeys "^v", -1 For i = 1 To 100000000 Next i End Sub need instant HELP!!!
  • 5. How can I find the path to a known file using VB
    I'd like to find the paths to different files that have the same name and extension but are in different sub folders. I like to do this in VB. Any suggestions welcome and greatly appreciated.

Request for book suggestions

Postby Patricia Shanahan » Tue, 11 Aug 2009 23:10:47 GMT

I am a very experienced programmer, but new to VBA. I am using it in MS
Office 2007 Excel. I have read a couple of basic books, and can make VBA
do what I want, but I need at least one book with good coverage of the
following topics:

1. User defined classes and interfaces.

2. Style. What does good, maintainable VBA look like?

3. VBA design patterns.

Thanks for any suggestions,


Re: Request for book suggestions

Postby Steve Rindsberg » Wed, 12 Aug 2009 00:22:53 GMT

In article < XXXX@XXXXX.COM >, Patricia 

For your purposes, VBA is pretty much the same as VB5/6 (though not

While there aren't many books that cover VBA thoroughly, there are a LOT 
of them that tackle VB5/VB6.  Nearly everything you learn about VB5/6 will 
be directly applicable to VBA and in fact most VB code, other than forms 
and a few other odds and ends, can be copy/pasted into VBA modules and 
used w/o modification.

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Imports System.Security.Cryptography
Imports System.Security
Imports System.Text
Imports System.IO

Public Class encoder

    Private m_des As New TripleDESCryptoServiceProvider
    Private m_utf8 As New UTF8Encoding
    Private m_key() As Byte
    Private m_iv() As Byte = {8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1}

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System.Text.Encoding.UTF8.GetBytes(strPassword.PadRight(24, "&"))
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m_des.CreateEncryptor(m_key, m_iv))
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String) As String
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System.Text.Encoding.UTF8.GetBytes(strPassword.PadRight(24, "&"))
        Dim input() As Byte = Convert.FromBase64String(text)
        Dim output() As Byte = Transform(input,
m_des.CreateDecryptor(m_key, m_iv))
        Return m_utf8.GetString(output)
    End Function

    Private Function Transform(ByVal input() As Byte, ByVal
CryptoTransform As ICryptoTransform) As Byte()
        Dim memStream As MemoryStream = New MemoryStream
        Dim cryptStream As CryptoStream = New CryptoStream(memStream,
CryptoTransform, CryptoStreamMode.Write)
        cryptStream.Write(input, 0, input.Length)
        memStream.Position = 0
        Dim result(CType(memStream.Length - 1, System.Int32)) As Byte
        memStream.Read(result, 0, CType(result.Length, System.Int32))
        Return result
    End Function

End Class


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Does anyone have a suggestion on how to create 
an "automatic install" procedure that the user can start 
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string is acceptable but it has to be valid for different 
WORD versions.

I have a "setup" macro and associated form that creates 
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5.Requesting Suggestions on Managing Large Data Set

I've been trying several different approaches to mananging a large set
of data that I have, but I'm not sure tht my approach is best.

Here's the situation:

I have a series of flat files that contain data over a 12 month
The data is so extensive that it spans several files. A typical year
3-4 files because of the number of rows.

The general format of this information is as follows:

P1 P2 P3 P4 P5 P6 MTH D1 D2 

where P1-6 are various parameters, MTH is a column that contains a
month numeral and D1 and D2 are data values.

I need to transform this data so that it is sorted by each of the
so that I ned up with
                          1-12    1-12
P1 P2 P3 P4 P5 P6         D1     ; D2

Where P1-6 are sorted in assending order by each item and D1 and D2
are two
data sets with 12 columns of data.

I'd hoped to do most of this in arrays, but I bet that looping through
300,000 records is a bit much. I've tried to pre-process each of the
datasets by worksheet with Pivot tables, but that isn't working either
because of the way I'm trying to sort the info. I also have some data
(roughly 10%-20% per file) that I don't need. D1 and D2 are financial
and personnel numbers and some of the D1 values are Balance Sheet
related and others are Revenue/Expense related. I only need the later.

Here's my approach so far:

1) Add a column to my data that picks out if its balance sheet data.
This can be done discovered if either of the following cases are true:
P1 =0
Or P2 < 20000. I set the variable to 0 if true and 1 if not. I then
set this value through a copy paste special values. I sort the data,
filter it for 0s and then delete the rows with 0 value, then filter.

2) Next I create a new sorting value that in essense is a
concatenation of strings: P1&P2&P3...P6. Then I delete the columns
with P1-P6 in them. Each P..
has a fixed length in string form for a total of 18 characters.

3) Here is where I'd like to do a Pivot, but unfortunately, I have too
many unique values. So What I did was do a worksheet sort based on
sorting value.
Then I add 24 columns (12 mths for D1 and 12 months for D2) each with
a header that runs from Jan-Dec. I then set up a formula that say
something like the following:

If Value (MTH) = month(Header) then D1 else 0 (first 12) and
If Value (MTH) = month(Header) then D2 else 0 (second 12).

Once this is done, I do another copy paste special values and delete
the MTH
column from my data.

4) Now I need to combine these by the unique sort variable. I place a
value of 1 in a new column and then in each subsequent row add:

If Sort Value (Prior row) = Sort Value(This row) Then 0, else 1
This creates a Unique Sort Value ID

I then copy paste special values this column and then sort on it in
decending order.

Next I add 24 more columns again with headers from Jan-Dec twice.
In each of these, I add the following logic:

If Unique Sort Value ID = 0 then 0 else
Sumif(sort values, this sort value, jan values)....through dec values

The idea here is that I'll end up with 12 months of D1 and D2 values
by each unique Sort Value. The problem is that my dataset, while
lessened is still
over 20,000 rows and the sumif is having a bit of difficulty running
through it, even when I restrict placing the formula in rows where I
know the Unique Sort Value ID = 1

This would effectively give me the same results as a pivot table
(without all the subtotal baloney that is always in the way) and I
could read the results into an array that would be roughly 100000 x 25
that is in the format I need
it rather than reading in a 300000 x 10 and trying to figure out how
to transform it into the 100000 x 25 array.

I've also done a lot of turning off and on the calculations on the
worksheet, particularly during the unfiltering so that it doesn't try
to calculate while its unfilter (which can really slow things down and
is uncessary).


Thanks in advance.

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