How to get last row through VBA programming

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How to get last row through VBA programming

Postby TXVnZGhh » Wed, 16 Sep 2009 14:34:01 GMT

Hi every one.

Usually I download a report in excel, apply filter and delete some rows. 
This changes my "last cell" reference, which has totals. Could you please 
tell me how do I get a row index/number. I want to use it it while writting a 


Re: How to get last row through VBA programming

Postby Scott Ketelaar » Mon, 21 Sep 2009 10:59:06 GMT

You can use this function

Function GetCellAddress(Cell As Range, Optional Absolute As Boolean = False)
'Function written 2009 by Scott Ketelaar
If Absolute = True Then
    GetCellAddress = Cell.Address
    GetCellAddress = Replace(Selection.Address, "$", "")
End If
End Function

like this.

GetCellAddress ("A1") produces A1
GetCellAddress("A1",true) produces "$A$1"
GetCellAddress(selection,false) produces the selection address

If you want only the row or column, you can use the .Row and . Column 

For Example:

Msgbox Range("A1").Row  Produces 1
Msgbox Range("A1").Column Produces 1 (Not a column letter, a column number)
Msgbox Selection.Row produces the selection row

Hope that helps


Re: How to get last row through VBA programming

Postby Scott Ketelaar » Mon, 21 Sep 2009 23:51:46 GMT

Oops, Just realized i made a slight mistake.
this line :
GetCellAddress = Replace(Selection.Address, "$", "")
should be this:
GetCellAddress = Replace(cell.Address, "$", "")


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