Problem with Presentation.Saved and brand new presentations

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Problem with Presentation.Saved and brand new presentations

Postby Ryjek Blady » Fri, 22 Jan 2010 06:37:43 GMT

I am writing a COM add-in for PowerPoint 2007 and I am experiencing a 
weird behavior for the Presentation.Saved property.

When I access it for a brand new empty Presentation (such as the one 
that is created after starting PowerPoint without any documents), it 
returns False. I would expect it to return True, since I haven't made 
any changes.

Here's a minimal add-in that demonstrates the problem. Just bring up 
PowerPoint and hit save - it will say that the presentation is NOT saved.

Public Class ThisAddIn

     Private Sub Application_PresentationBeforeSave(ByVal Pres As 
Microsoft.Office.Interop.PowerPoint.Presentation, ByRef Cancel As 
Boolean) Handles Application.PresentationBeforeSave
         If Not Pres.Saved Then
             MsgBox("Presentation " & Pres.Name & " is NOT saved")
         End If
     End Sub
End Class

It looks like just the act of accessing this property makes the 
presentation dirty. If I don't access this property, then PowerPoint 
closes the presentation without questions. If I do access it, then 
PowerPoint prompts me to save the file.

Interestingly, access to other properties such as Path, Name, 
DisplayComments, does not cause PowerPoint to prompt me to save the file 
when I close the presentation. It is just the access to Saved property 
that marks the presentation dirty.

I might add that in Word and Excel, this works as expected, i.e. Saved 
for a new empty document/workbook is False.

Is this a known bug? Are there any workarounds?

Thank you,

Re: Problem with Presentation.Saved and brand new presentations

Postby Steve Rindsberg » Fri, 22 Jan 2010 08:34:03 GMT

If the presentation's never been saved, the .Saved property would 
(reasonably, I think) return False.  The help file's a bit vague on this 
.. something on the lines of "True if the presentation has been saved 
since any changes were made"  but since it's never been saved at all, False 
seems reasonable.

From VBA, I can't repro the other behavior you describe, that accessing the 
property sets the dirty flag.  For example, from the immediate window, I 
can do 

? ActivePresentation.Saved

or the like, and PPT still lets me close the presentation w/o a prompt to 

If querying the .Saved property is the only thing you're doing after 
creating a new presentation, that does seem to be a bug.  Long live .Net, 
eh?  :-|

Re: Problem with Presentation.Saved and brand new presentations

Postby Ryjek Blady » Fri, 22 Jan 2010 23:46:47 GMT

teve Rindsberg wrote:

Returning False is not very helpful, though. I would like to know if I
need to prompt the user to save changes or not. Excel and Word for
example, return Saved=True for empty documents.

Strange. I could repro this in the Immediate window in PowerPoint 2007
SP2. ActivePresentation.Saved prints 0, and after that when I close I am
prompted if I want to save it.

I am afraid that it is not .Net's fault. Our real add-in is written as
classic COM in C++. I only put together this add-in in VB to check if
there is something in our code that we are doing wrong and that makes
the presentation dirty. Since both of them exhibit the same symptoms, it
is more likely that a problem lies with PowerPoint itself.


Re: Problem with Presentation.Saved and brand new presentations

Postby Steve Rindsberg » Sat, 23 Jan 2010 01:30:01 GMT

OK, I see the problem ... if the user starts a new presentation *and adds
content to it* the dirty flag isn't set. That definitely walks, talks and
smells like a bug. I'll report it. Since, strictly speaking, it does do what
the Help file says it should, MS may take the point of view that it's working as

You can tell whether or not the presentation's been saved by checking
ActivePresentation.Path (it'll be blank if the presentation's never been saved).
But that still doesn't help much in this situation.

This wouldn't be foolproof but it'd be a start:

With ActivePresentation

If .Slides.Count > 1 Then
' user's added content

With .Slides(1)
If .Shapes.Count > 2 Then
' User's added content

Then iterate through the shapes collection on Slide 1
If any shape's Len(.TextFrame.TextRange.Text) > 0
the user's added content

Re: Problem with Presentation.Saved and brand new presentations

Postby Ryjek Blady » Sat, 23 Jan 2010 02:28:38 GMT

teve Rindsberg wrote:

Well not really :-) I would state the problem like this:

If the user starts a new presentation and *does not* add any content,
then reading the Saved property makes the presentation dirty.


Re: Problem with Presentation.Saved and brand new presentations

Postby Steve Rindsberg » Sun, 24 Jan 2010 12:20:32 GMT

Ah. ANOTHER one with lots of legs.  

I'll report this too.  

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